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East Coast Twin TIps

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Hi all,


I have been skiing for quite a few years and consider myself an advanced skier.  I have skied mostly on piste in the east, but I am looking to get into Backcountry skiing.  I am planning on taking at least 2-3 trips out west next year, but I do not know alot about twin tip skis, and I am considering buying a pair so i can learn to ride switch, and some park, as well as tear up the Backcountry. I am 5'9" and 180 lbs.  If anyone has any suggestions/ advice/ experience they would like to share, your thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!


Thank you in advance,  Dan

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so many to choose from, so I will just plug the Icelantic Nomad SFT. its a great ski, lots of energy, good design for switch (wider tail than most) actual dims are 146-111-136  although a bit wide for park, it will provide decent float on pow or soft days but still be very maneuverable in trees and tight spots. Depending on your preference, you could even ski the 168. It would be a fun EC tree-killer. Otherwise the 181 is money.  solid construction, cool topsheets and made in Colorado. sells them and Mike (whiteroom) is a member and sponsor here.

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Id like these 3 personally


179cm Icelandtic Pilgrim(best park/hardsnow/bumps)

177cm BLizzard " the one" (best in varible trees)

181cm Icelandtic Nomad Soft(best in powder)

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Nice List BWPA, the Pilgrim is a great ski, I agree that it's a bit lacking for real powder but it's still a solid performing ski. It would be better as a park ski, switch, is OK the dims are 127-90-115 so I still think the nomad would be better for that but its also a great soft gromer ski.  But the overall fun factor of the Nomad SFT is what I still prefer.


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Don't advise "tearing up the backcountry" in a twin, if you mean skinning, AT, all that. If you just mean hiking a bit, sidebounds lift served (more likely), and are looking for something that will also survive eastern hardpack, then second the Bizzard One, also think about Volkl Mantra, which are very popular for light AT back here, or Bridge, which is a true twin and super versatile, also cheap right now, Kastle MX 98 (2011 model) is the best 98 ski in the world if you have the bucks, the new Head Jerry is supposed to be a decent carver, Moment Tahoe gets good buzz for wetter snow and heavy chop like we get back here, will also do nicely out west, and finally, Nordica Enforcer is a great eastern pow/chop ski with a deeper sidecut that handles hardpack really well, could be a touch hooky at speed in deep western stuff.

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I can't seem to find the Blizzard One (or The One) anywhere online nor on Blizzards website.  What's the deal?

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Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post

I can't seem to find the Blizzard One (or The One) anywhere online nor on Blizzards website.  What's the deal?

It's a 2011 ski.



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