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Couple seasons ago I bought" POW POW PLATTERS" for my family and got to ski at places we dont normaly go.

Anybody have any idea if they will be offered for the 2010-2011 season and when they

made avaialble?

Last time I got them online after reading about them on this forum.

As always I will spend Christmas in CO.



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The PowPow was never valid over Christmas-time, so even if it is made available again (may happen, may not) it won't be valid when you are here.  This product was also a mid-season last minute discount that was rolled out in Jan/Feb timeframe, so don't expect it to be offered as a pre-season purchase (if it's even offered at all).


(Edit:  Actually might have been valid for a few days over christmas two years ago, but last year it was modified and wasn't valid until mid/late Jan thru end of season)

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you may be right about this year,however I did use it year before last during the Christmas Holidays,lines at copper were 40 minutes +

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