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Buy boots on vacation

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I've been meaning to purchase a new set of ski boots for about 2 years now. And with the funds finally available to do it right, I find myself located in Northern Kentucky. I'm planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest to visit family and would like to spend a week at MT. Shasta in December. Is there anyone in southern Oregon/Northern California that would be capable of fitting a boot to my foot and allow me to test them out on the slopes befor purchase? I am also planning a potential trip to Utah in February, but I would prefer to get the boots fitted on my trip in December. Until I move back to a location with more ski accomadating terrain and weather, I'll be only skiing on vacations for a week or two a year, but with my current ski boots (Ebay purchase 4 years ago), I feel my equipment hinders my improvement. I'm serious about getting the right equipment and willing to make a dedicated trip to get the right boots fit to my foot. Any suggestions?

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Check out the list of boot fitters at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" Several are located around the Truckee CA area.  Also you could look up Mark Elling at Mount Bachelor sports, Mount Bachelor OR. Good luck---you might also check out How a boot should fit (shell size/check etc. in the other WIKI ) at the start of this section.

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