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Slalom skis

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Hi, I am fond of the Head Supershape - std. 


I ski blue runs groomed. 


1) Generally speaking are blacks usually non-groomed?

2) Is a slalom style ski suitable for non-groomed terrain?

3) Those who compete with a slalom ski like Lindsey Vonn (!) what sort of runs do they ski on and are they groomed?





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The Head Supershape are not slalom skis per se, they are all mountain advanced level skis, leaning towards medium-fast speeds and turns.


1) Blacks can be groomed or un-groomed.  Double blacks are usually ungroomed

2) Slalom skis are far from ideal for ungroomed slopes, but many expert skiers use them as their all around skis.   A midfat or fat soft ski is far more suitable.

3) Professional and even non-professional skiers that race generally use SL skis; skis that are made for racing in slalom.  


Head's slalom offerings are:


Worldcup iSL SW CP13

Worldcup iSL RD --- this would be the closest to the actual ski Vonn would be on and is a professional level race ski, very demanding.

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1) Black labled runs can be groomed or ungroomed.  You will find fewer ungroomed blue runs than ungroomed black runs though.

2) Generally speaking SL skis have a short sidecut radius and good edge grip and firm stiffness that make them more difficult to ski on ungroomed runs.

3)  What racers ski when they aren't on a race course is personal preference.  The race courses themselves are more similar to groomed than ungroomed.runs.  As for skis, they probably match their ski to the conditions and action plans for the day.  I will note that if you like speed, you probably like longer turn radii in your ski.  If you ski soft snow, you might want a less stiff ski, and if you ski hard pack, you likely want a stiffer ski.

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The true Race stock SL skis would shine on hard/ natural or not / groomed conditions, regardless  Black or Blue.. If you plan on skiing anything else you might want to reconsider, unless you can manage... Nice edge grip and extremely hard skis won't show up in powder..


 For the runs,like they syated above:

BLUE - usually groomed

BLACK - most likely groomed

DOUBLE BLACK - most likely, not groomed

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I am going to move this thread over to Gear Discussion. 

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Well, they are not on snow as you know it.   Most races are held on very compacted and injected surfaces ... not snow.  Look at some of the old video stock of races right up to the early 60's  .... and they were not quite as formal, I'll stand corrected but one of the Western DH races "featured" a spruce that suddenly grew in the middle of the trail that made the favorite take a very different line.  The tree was not there a few moments later.  A wild rouge Christmas Tree escapes the slaughter pen at the tree farm?  We will never know?


There is not enough information provided to take anything other than the wildest stab.


Like news reporting .... who, what, when, where and so on..


Blue is good, but where?  Conditions vary.  What  HONEST level are you and cut the fluff and butter and stow MR EGO at the door.  How do you ski? 


It's much more than the skis .... IMHO most off the shelf SL style skis are just junk.  Look at a Stockli ... from the Spirit Pro to the SC ... and you will find a well balanced performance ski that is well damped to handle icy stuff.  The "off rack junk" (like Volkl and Atomic) got all jump/jittery when facing a bit of speed on icy fresh groomed cord.  That is not good.  That is not good at all.


I have put a few strong folks on SL type skis that are indeed performance skis like those SC's ..... my personal favorite for ice was 155 Stockli Race SL's ... lots of short turns locked in and smooth.


Good thinking and good luck.

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