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Review:10/11 Salomon Shogun

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I haven't really seen many reviews on this ski, and i'm sitting at home resting, so figured i'd throw a review up after getting a bit of time on it yesterday.





Mountain: Treble Cone, Wanaka, New Zealand

Other similar skis I like: Volkl Gotama, ON3P Wrenegade, Volkl Mantra, Line Prophet, Rossignol S3.

Similar skis I didn’t really like(but didn’t hate): K2 Obsethed (too soft and sluggish IMO)

Level 9 PSIA

Conditions: Variable snow, lots of bumps, groomers, hardpack, and chalky snow


Salomon Shogun (182cm w/ STH14’s)

This ski is unchanged from 09/10, even the graphics are the same.


I have been wanting to get on these skis for quite some time. It looks like a great stiffer alternative to skis like K2s Obsethed. The shogun is a basalt and bamboo cap construction ski. Ever since I bought my ON3P Wrenegades I have been a bit fan of bamboo, but with the basalt I wasn’t too sure.


It’s a pretty light ski, lighter than most other similar skis I have been on. Semi twin, and definitely more of a forwards orientated ski than backwards. 101mm underfoot, so a good size as an everyday ski IMO(I have only ever skied NZ, and western USA/Canada, so have no idea what’s good on the east)


Groomers: Held an edge very well on the groomers I skied (which wasn’t that many). The (subtle) tip rocker wasn’t really noticeable when skiing and in no way took away from performance on groomed. It was very quick edge to edge and didn’t feel like a 101mm ski, definitely a bit quicker than the Gotama. I could make nice long arcing carve turns pretty easily as well as being able to make short snappy ones. It’s got a nice medium-stiff flex throughout the ski and makes it nice and stable at speed, but it’s still very easy to ski. I think the flex was about perfect for what it was designed for. Very versatile all over.


Bumps: It’s a light ski, and quick to move around, so I found it pretty easy to navigate them through the bumps. Not exactly zipper lines, but if you have good flexion and absorption I don’t think you would have any major problems in the bumps. I wouldn’t exactly go looking for them with the Shogun, but if I happen to find some I was confident the shoguns could handle it. Again, better at this than most similar sized skis. It’s not designed for bumps, but for what you gain elsewhere it’s a good trade off.


Crud/Variable snow: The stiffer flex gives you plenty of stability and support in the crud. You can drive the ski without overpowering it, which I had happen with some other skis. The ski doesn’t get knocked around like the K2 Obsethed does for example. Different feel to something like the mantra for sure, it’s a lot more snappy and lively rather than damp like the mantra, which I really enjoyed. However at speed it was solid and busted through everything I encountered. It was easy to change directions quickly and fluidly too.


Ice: Not great on ice.  They would probably be better if they were tuned properly. I didn’t really get to test them much in this department.


Overall: I was pretty impressed. I think it would be an awesome 1 ski quiver. Decent on groomed, bumps, and crud as well as being fat enough to work well enough in the pow. The small tip rocker would also help here. I would recommend anyone looking at skis such as the mantra/prophet/kung fujas to take a look at the shogun too, even though it’s a bit fatter than some of those, it really didn’t feel that way because of the light, lively feel underfoot. For those running a quiver, I think this ski would fit that mid fat slot perfectly. If I didn’t already have too many skis, and wasn’t so broke, I would strongly consider picking up a pair.

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How would you compare the Shogun with the ON3P skis you've tried (also bamboo)? Can you tell me (us) a bit more about how they compare?


I'd like to add, I had my 09/10 Shoguns nicely tuned when I bought them last season and they carve well on the ice. I took them down the icey slalom run from the top of Sunshine a few times in the morning last season, after a freeze/thaw cycle, before the locals would even try on their carving skis. I also noticed it (or my legs haha) struggles a bit in very deep or wet powder -- but what ski doesn't?

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Well ice performance was decent for the type of ski, but no SL ski. Better than the gotama, probably a tad worse than the Prophet 100.


I don't really think the ON3P Wrenegades and the Shogun are that comparable- Put it this way, I would justify owning both, but thats mostly because I am a gear whore. The 191 Wren is a much more burly ski than the shogun. Its likes to go fast, straight, and crush anything in its path. There is no speed limit on that ski. It is much more stable at speed than the shogun. They are the easiest ski to ski in this category of skis without a doubt though, but not shogun easy.


The Shogun has a much shorter TR and its softer. It is better at turning quickly, and on the groomed & bumps. The Shogun is a quite a bit lighter, but there is a big length difference


I would say its like comparing the Line Mothership and the Line prophet.


The Wren has more pop and rebound than the Shogun. The Wren is also lively and playful going slow, but feels damp and solid at speed. The shogun is more light and lively underfoot all the time. But The Wren also has carbon in it. Similar feel I guess, but when it comes down to it, the wren is more a charging ski where the shogun is a more all mountain ski.

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i was thinking very hard about getting them.  got the lords instead.  i'm mostly on groomers but do a few big mountain trips in the winter.  think i made the right choice?

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If you like them, yes.  Personally, I prefer the Shoguns, but skis are like ice cream.  The flavor that's right for you might not please your neighbor.  Besides, you've paid your money; you might as well enjoy them!

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