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Praxis Pre-Season 2011 Sale - Ends July 12

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For a very limited time (through July 12, 2010 only), you can get some of the 2011 model Praxis skis (including the new "Concept Ski")  for $499 usd.  Not all sizes are available. Delivery will begin October 31, 2010.  Models include the "Backcountry", "Freeride", "Mountain Jib", "Concept Ski", "RX", "Powder Boards" and "The Protest". Prices go back up to retail July 13. 


See http://www.praxisskis.com/shop/buy-skis.html

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very nice boards!  The Backcountry and the Freeride are very cool.

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The new "Concept Ski" has my attention...some blurb exists over at TGR about it, with some photos of various versions of it...(or not)...Keith is good at testing new designs and does not seem to put out a ski people never like...sturdy too.  If Santa would only bring me a pair......ah yes..


Blurb at SkiPass:


Blurb at TGR:

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yeah, I've read that at TGR. wasn't magne-traction on skis started over at lib-tech on their NAS line?  I haven't skied it but I am interested in it.

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Read Keith's blurb about the ski at http://www.praxisskis.com/shop/buy-skis.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage_images.tpl&product_id=4&category_id=1 While there is some similarity to the lib designs, this one is based on a different twist. The "fatter underfoot" but carveable thing is pretty exciting. IMO this is the most interesting and significant design this year. It is definitely pushing the concept (so to speak) envelope.

My order is in....
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Cool, thanks for the post spin. You know I love this stuff. 

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I like what keith did with the BC ski although looking at the profile, I would like it more like a 186, the rocker is long but very low. Actual running length in this case is going to be considerable on soft snow. The FR is a very cool design, a lot of skis coming in at or around these dims 130ish-105ish-120ish with tip only and just raised tail. The FR is a bit different as it retains a raised but squared tail. very interesting. 

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Just some blatant last minute shilling for the Praxis sale...

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Do it now ya'll..............


Keith has told us that he's bringing about 100 pr in for us to start working on final shaping and finish. If yer wantin' these for Portillo.................don't hold yer breath.



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Final shameless shilling for Keith bump. The buzz is that the sale prices come down for realz after today.

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