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Hey all,


Hope you are all enjoying the off season (and those of you down skiing in the southern hemisphere get a shake of my fist in envy)!

Over here at Liftopia, we are giving a bunch of funny ski related stuff away from our Facebook page.  As an example, today we are giving away a super sweet vintage Aspen belt buckle to the person who guesses the answer to the question.  We'll have some vintage one pieces, we gave away a snowboard last week, and some other bigger prizes later, but figured some of you might be interested in this sort of budget-swag...


Feel free to "like" us on Facebook or just check out our page to get updates on the prizes, and thanks for putting up with our spamminess.  We arent selling anything this time though, just thought you might like some of this stuff.


Link is here:


On the resort side, we'll be adding way more resorts for next season, and have some fun tools that should make finding deals easier.  Cant wait for the snow to fly!