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Suggestions for a simple basic heart rate monitor watch

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I've gotten back into biking this summer, along with spinning classes at the gym.  And thus far have purchased 2 heart rate monitor watches ... the first - a New Balance from SAC was returned as it never worked.  The second purchase  ... well I just don't get how to operate the thing and so the question here.


Any recommendations out there for a plain, simple HRM watch, wherein one can get a rundown on an exercise period ... calories burned, time in, above and below the zone, etc. etc.?

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Suunto or Polar.

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Originally Posted by habacomike View Post

Suunto or Polar.

^This.   Esp. if you have someone local to change transmitter batteries.

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I've been satisfied with my basic Polar units. Polar has a integrated computer/HRM for about $100 via Bike Nashbar.


HRM's are one of a riders best tools. When I returned to riding last summer, I rode too hard and never could recover. When I added a HRM, it showed I was way over-training.

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Bought about 2 years ago this one - http://www.clevertraining.com/timex-ironman-triathlon-road-trainer-heart-rate-monitor-black-orange.html


It is very light and relatively small watch - I have skinny arms so it is good for me. For someone with big arms it can be too small. It is 1 and 5/8 inches in diameter.


Had to replace battery in the transmitter right when I received it since it was dead. Works like a charm since then. Transmitter battery lasts for about a year - replaced it 1 more time over the course of the 2 years. It can be replaced very easily by yourself. Even the watch battery can be replaced without going to a dealer (watch battery is still OK, so I did not replace it yet).





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As a follow-on, Ive had two suuntos. Both have altimeters that I use while skiing to track vertical feet skied. I left the first one in a hotel room and got the t7c (or something like that) thinking since it is ant compatible, it would interface with my ant+ powermeterand heart ratestrap. Negatory. Ant is not ant+. Soething to be aware of.

I like both of them, they work well. The t7c can use a dual hrm belt so that it interfaces with gym equipment.

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Good recommendations from all, so thanks.  I'm looking at some of the Polar units via the local bike shops and again my headache has been mainly in how to work the darn things.  My biggest frustration is with how poorly the manuals are written with regard to operating the watch-HRM.  I bought a Sportline 1010 Duo model watch/HRM from Dick's Sporting Goods and it is simply awful.  Lots of info on how to set the time, heart rate zones, etc but zilch on how to operate it. 


I'm sure there's some "old dog" syndrome in this, but the stuff is just not intuitive to me.  Thus my OP with the emphasis on "plain and simple".

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Both my Suunto's are/were pretty simple to operate.



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