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summer skiing in Switzerland is not getting any better... Next year I am going to have nearly 3 month off from university. So I am wondering about the possibilities to work in NZ, Argentina or Chile. I have been skiing since I am able to walk and worked as a skiing instructor for a couple of years in Switzerland. Coming winter I will take another technical exam, but I am not sure how this will be tansferred to the local systems? (Though some NZ resorts wrote on their homepages that they will only take Swiss' highest level, I will be one below that.) Apart from German and English, I speak Spanish. From time to time I taught skiing in Spanish (it worked but was much harder than teaching in English). But I think I will not make a decision based on language.

1.Do you know how hard it is to get a skiing instructor job in these countries?

2.When is the right time to send my application?

3.Any recomendations where to go? (resorts etc.)

4. My parents think a blond girl all by herself in South America is not a bright idea. Has anybody remarks on that one??

So if you have any tipps on that topic? Thank you very much :)