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July 4th Celebrate With Anvils

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Here you all go.



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What the f.  Over. 

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Amazing level of stupidity....

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I watched the whole thing.  But, I only watched it because I was hoping that one would land on somebody's truck

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I like the unlimited rules.  100  pound anvils and a maximum of 2 pounds of black powder to shoot it.


That's right kiddies 2 POUNDS OF BLACK POWDER!!!!! 


That's a bang!


Here's some more.



These guys are impressive too!



I love the THUNK! when they hit the ground.


Here's an "interesting" shot.  Don't do this at home.



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I just dont get it........

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And there are people out there that don't "get it" about driving fast cars or ... gasp!...... sliding down hills on snow with barrel staves strapped to our feet.


I kinda like it.  I have been around blasting a bit and I love watching things get blown up by large amounts of explosives.  I once watched as we blasted a piece of corral out of the way on Midway Island.  The Seabees used 250# of explosive.  It was a thing of awesome beauty.  Like fireworks on steroids!

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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post

I just dont get it........

At a family reunion where the hosts had a rather different family hobby; they shot bowling balls from a home made mortar.  Like those anvils they went WAY up, it was really quite a show to watch while drinking beer. 


We all enjoyed it except the cop who watched one almost bounce off his cruiser while he was driving it.  Game over just because he did not get it either. 


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Allow me to lift high ... .... a round of cold un's to Rich S.  He had a demolition MOS in the Marines during "The Nam.  He always had a big smile.  Blasting a rock at a woodlot and meadow for Princeton University back around 1975, Rich needed to concentrate the semtex/c-4 or whatever so he had a huge crane pull a metal plate over the shallow hole.  He just wanted to get the rock to start a crack ... thought among the crew was that the rock was too pliable or flexible and was bending with the blast.  Plate was inches thick and 7' X 12'.  When the charge went off he realized that he had just put a huge frisbee into the air and though it was sub-orbital there was still a problem as it kept shifting in the wind as it came down ... and toward the crew, changing direction a few times and keeping everyone guessing.  Rick died a few years later,  Drilling a hole to set a charge and though the electric line was supposed to be off, it wasn't.  He died trying to get his junior partner off the hot machine (arc jumped the gap).


So, Semper Fi ....  a great guy with a warm heart, sympathetic shoulder, and a constant smile.  "On the outs with yer lady?  Round us up some sandwiches and grab a few beers and I'll make up the couch"                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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