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Trampoline Training

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As soon as I get my trampoline fixed (managed to split a metal rail in half jumping last night) I want to keep jumping and have been wondering if there was any specific activities on trampolines that would be good training for skiing. Obviously jumping for a while (I usually log a few hours a week during the summer) will be good for cardio, but are there other specific exercises on a trampoline that would help balance, agility, and strength? I usually try and kick a soccer ball around when I'm jumping (its an enclosed 12' trampoline) which I thought might be somewhat good for balance somewhat. Any other suggestions?

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I would say the simple act of playing on around will build balance/cardio/air awareness.


What I use to do was see how long I could go while being upside down each jump IE keep linking flips of all types. Seeing how long you can link backflips is great cardio and a AB work out.


I so wish mine didnt get destroyed in thunderstorm a couple years back.

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