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What do you do after your ski day is done? Does it change depending on whether you're skiing locally or on vacation? Is apres-ski an important part of the skiing experience for you? 


Personally, I don't do anything special after skiing except collapse on a couch with a slice of pizza watching whatever's on TV. If I ski that day, that's pretty much all I have in me to do. I suspect I'm a total lightweight in this regard and that others have a much greater ability to squeeze more fun out of skiing. Come on, inspire me.

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I go home and fire up the woodstove.

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Nibble on whatever snacks are left over from the day as I drive home and watch my kids fall asleep.  When I get home I go through all the gear/clothes.  Inspect and wipe off skis and boots.  Pull liners, hang clothes to dry near the woodstove, etc...


Pop a PBR, grab leftovers out of the fridge, take a shower, hit the sack and dream of skiing.


The best is when you walk in and smell the freshly baked homemade bread.  And there's a pot of chili bubbling on the stove. 


Pretty tame, but I like it. 

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I'm into soaking in the pool and drinking a couple of beverages. 

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No one goes dancing? C'mon! Not even a little Wii? I can take the dog for a walk and do a shower, but then I'm completely run down and must lie on the couch and ask for bonbons and a foot massage. 

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Go home, put some music on in the garage, crack a beer, unload the car, get things started drying, crack another beer, inspect bases for any significant hits and repair if necessary, shower, dinner, bed.

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If I am skiing at the local hill- after a beer at the lodge, drop friends off and go home. Dry off skis, air out boots. Relax with the wife. Nothing special. If we're tired (wife also skis) we might go out for dinner. Wine and TV afterwards.


If we are out of town, then it's dinner out, mabye a movie (we don't do clubs) relax in the hotel. Stuff like that.

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