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Arc'Teryx Stingray Jacket, Men's M

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Canadian... You probably know the rest- breathable, waterproof, SICK shell, freakin awesome piece of equipment but need to reshuffle the deck, so here it goes.

Jacket: Red & Orange- love the colors, fit and functionality of it and I'm actually really sad to see it go. The light patches in the pics are on the lens, not the jacket. I gentle washed it about a month before the end of the season with Nikwax tech wash and then the Nikwax TX Direct just to restore the full sexiness. Took really good care of this jacket. No rips/tears/abrasions, velcro is good, zippers all still have hollywood teeth and it still really looks brand new. $250. 

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2 hrs 6 minutes, possibly a new record!

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I have actually sold stuff before its listed.... word of mouth..  BTW- about to list up some good stuff.....

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he he!..


after I posted I thought to myself, nah!  2 hrs for some of the deals that crop up here would be an eternity.  I looked at it earlier and if I didn't already have a similar jacket in that same color and size, I might have sent my own PM!



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Yup time of the yaer to shuffle the deck so to speak. I just listed up my Fury SV.....  about to list pants...

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I would of first thing this AM but it's too small  and so is yours finn

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Thanks bro',  you make almost feel bad....

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Thanks Bro' Youalmost  make me feel bad.....

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That coat will look good on ya while bust'n 2 feet of new next season. Don't feel too bad I just picked up a pair of 108 Phantoms for 240.00.

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SOLD to Finndog. 


I'm already looking forward to seeing pics of 'er blastin' through the aspens at Steamboat next year Finn. 



To everyone else, I also have a pair of black Stingray pants that are about to be up on the block too, firesale style so keep yer eyes peeled!   

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Thanks bro'  to anyone else, check out my two posts on  Arc' jacket and DNA pants.


Oh, yes, but first I hope to post up some shots of cool chilean powder....

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