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Help the old guy!

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I am returning to skiing this next year after taking most of  the last 10 years off. I am hoping for some advice on new skis.  I will be spending two weeks skiing (at least 10 days in Vail each year) and hopefully more as time permits.  I am 44 years old, 5'8" and weigh 165 pounds.


My background is that I raced both the highschool league in MN and USSA.  I still like to ski fast but I avoid the bumps due to my right knee and have limited experience in deep powder but I like to ski off the back of Vail down to Minturn a few times during my trips to Vail.  I love steep groomed stuff and enjoy making fast GS turns.  My last ski purchase was a pair of 200cm Volkl race skis that I loved.  My last 3 skis were Volkls but they were all of the old long variety.


I would greatly appreciate some advice on a ski to purchase preferrably this summer at a discount if possible.  I would also be curious for some advice on how long a ski would be appropriate.


Thanks in advance!   

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If your first choice is to stay with Volkl, the AC30 is the first one that comes to mind. The Blizzard 8.1 would be my second suggestion (actually would be my first if you weren't biased to Volkl). The length you will be looking for will be a ski about "forehead height - head height". As much fun as it is to talk about the skis, get yourself to a good boot fitter and get your boots taken care of too. 

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Yep, many will second the get the best boots fitted by a pro that you can afford first, then think about the skis. Phil hit it on the AC30. When I came back to skiing after a 15 year lay off I really enjoyed my first few pairs of Volkl's. However, with time, I tried lots of different brands and have found I prefer skis either made in CA (the Sierra's) or in Europe. No made in china for me.

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44 is old?  Damn, I must be a relic then.

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45 is young enough to be the heavy weight boxing champion of the world. 

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length is important, don't go overlong with these skis. 175 would make sense.


Stockli Scott Schmidt Pro


Bizzard Titan series, Atlas, Chronus, (pick optimal width)


Volkl Mantra


Fisher Watea 101


Dynastar Legend Pro or Mythic Rider


Rossignol Phantom SC 97


Salomon Shogun


All these skis will be fun at Vail. They all have sidewalls, metal sheets in most cases, wood cores, not too much sidecut. They can be used every day without ever giving up much. They ski well enough in powder to have a blast. Demo if you can: they are all great skis with very different personalities. That said, one pair of skis is never enough

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