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Good thing I get volume discounts from my orthopedic surgeon.  Just had ACL surgery on the left knee six days ago.

My first torn ACL occurred at a sky diving competition around 1969. I didn't get it repaired until 1997 and then had two subsequent tune-ups. The only other injury in 2000+ jumps (other than 3 sprained ankles) was a separation of the ribs at the Nationals in Oklahoma in 1975.

When I turned 50 I took up skiing and snowboarding and have had broken ribs (led to pneumonia), broken foot, another torn ACL, and broken hand. Actually the last incident resulted from a UPD (UnPlanned Dismount) from one of my unicycles.

This past March I competed at the NASTAR Nationals with a brace on the torn ACL. Okemo Mountain did a nice wrapup of the event in their blog.

The doctor has me taking Vitamin D now because the bones can't take the same sort of abuse they did in the past.


"What a drag it is getting old......"


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