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ok, dis. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

I don't know if I can carry a snowboard and all my other gear to Utah, nolo. Good idea, and Weems would be my first choice since he rips on a board!

I think I'd best stick to local area's instructors. That way if I end up mangled, I have recovery time.

What am I looking for? Someone who has patience, that can make it fun, who will help me get up after the 5th or 6th fall!
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I thought I would revive this dinosaur because as soon as the ceramic tiles that suffice for snow cover here soften to a nice cushy linoleum, I'm strapping on the board.

Anyone else thinking of giving this a whirl this year?
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Bonni, Maria Tomiselli at Okemo would be THE person for you. I'd almost love to watch the two of you working together. Not only is she a patient, non judgemental, fabulous instructor with a great attitude, she has a sense of humor thats similar to yours!
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She's warped? :
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