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Is pool considered a sport?

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If so, I'm loving this new sport!   I'm getting pretty good at it, too.

I just got back from Portland (I should say Oregon City), and I played in 5 tournaments from Friday to Monday.

At the River Roadhouse on Saturday I played Paul Marquez (columnist from The Break news fame) in a 9 ball tournament, and won a game in a race to 3. I think he gave it to me to make me feel better. We played for fun afterward and he gave me some great pointers. Thanks, Paul.

Later that day at KC Midway, I played a Master (Russ), and I got one game from him ,too, in a 9 ball race to 4. I just kept getting lucky. I went to the loser bracket and won another game. I think I'm doing well to win any games against shooters of this caliber in a tournament.

Glenn Atwell was there shooting, too, and my friend Pat played him and lost (darn). I was practicing on an open table after I was out of the running. I made a fantastic bank shot and I couldn't believe it myself when it went in just like that.............SNAP!........and the look on my face prompted a comment from Glenn. He said, "Nice shot". I said "Thanks!" Then he said , "I like the way your jaw dropped." I said, "Well, sometimes it works the way you want it!" Thanks, Glenn. That made my day.

Over the next few days I shot pool a LOT, got some lessons, and played more tournaments. I got 2 games from a chick who said she's been playing for 15 years. Things like this make me feel good. I won one of those games by making a kick shot into the short rail and sending it back to hit the 2 ball near the center line which caromed off into the 9 ball and won the game. Unreal. I'll take the win. It was a race to 3 and we had to play 5 games. Oh yeah.

Then on my Tuesday night BCA league I won my first game (8 ball). What a rush! I got 24 points last night. I can't complain about that ball count, even though I got 10 points for one game. My 3rd game I didn't get out of my chair after the break and sinking a couple of balls. Shit happens.

I'm loving pool, loving getting better, loving playing challenging people and tables. I've been playing for less than a year.   Life is Good and I thought I'd share it. WHEE!!!!!
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I have played pool and enjoyed it.  But I am particularly intrigued by "billiards."  This is a game with three balls and no pockets.  It takes incredible concentration.


I couldn't even find anywhere to play it casually.  Regular "Pool Halls" or "Billiards Parlors" don't seem to have Billiards tables.



Has anyone played Billiards?

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Congrats on joining the sport, please get good 'cause there just aren't enough chicks playing pool. The secret to winning is simple, you just have to enjoy crushing and humiliating your opponents. Channel your inner Conan ("The best thing is to hear the lamentations of their women.")  


I don't know anything about eastern Washington. If you get to the puget sound area, Tacoma has a place called Malarkey's. Best quality tables I've played on since I came to the state. They used to have tables with pockets which were only one and two thirds balls wide, they opened them up to just under two balls wide.  


VS - billiards is a great tool for learning to use english well, but good luck finding a public table. I can't remember the last time I saw one. A friend had drop in corners made for his standard pocket table.


It is not a game to fart around with, it can take years of steady play to become even reasonably proficient. Consider three cushion billiards - I've seen really good nine ball players take ten shots and not score a point.


For challenging yourself, snooker is another good alternative.

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Yes Of course Pool is played at professional level and also it is a part of many National Games.

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