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Bariloche 2010

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Ok, looks like the snow begins to fall at Cerro Catedral - Bariloche, at last!


Not sure, but I think we'll be able to get there for a week and for some runs next September 5.


Let me know who else are going there and we can meet uphill for some fun.





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Eduardo, Catedral is now open for the season, with top to bottom skiing! 

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Hello Soulskier !!!


Yes, looks like the a big snowstorm hit the mountains few days ago!!! Nice to see. Thansk for the link, amazing pics!!


What is your toughts for the season?? My feeling is this will be a great one!!!

I'm very excited to come back to some good runs at Cerro Catedral, a Cheers with friends at Refugio Linch, some Quilmes at the end of the day and, later a good bife de chourisso in order to refuel for the next day !!!!


Keep in touch!




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Here was Bariloche yesterday.



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I'll be there mid August, can't wait!!

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Good luck!!!!


When you get back,  tell us about your trip ad what is going on there!!



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This morning's sunrise over Cerro Bayo, taken from our house.



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I just booked a last minute trip to Bariloche. Will be skiing there, mostly solo, August 14-21. Anyone there around those days?

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Originally Posted by simonbda View Post

I just booked a last minute trip to Bariloche. Will be skiing there, mostly solo, August 14-21. Anyone there around those days?

I'll there the 13th-19th with my GF.  We're staying at hostel 41.

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Just a friendly reminder that we rent vacation homes in Bariloche and offer an Epic Ski discount.

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Anyone knows how good/bad are the ski rentals around Cerro Catedral? Bringing my own skis will cost me $150 in airline fees which is almost the cost of demo skis for a week in most places. My worry is that they won't have enough variety of decent skis, for example, some decent fatties for a deep day.

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What airline did you fly?  I'm flying LAN and it doesn't look like they charge for skis.

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I was going to ask the same thing?  If LAn doesn't charge, I don't know who else would!


As far as rentals go, hopefully Soulskier will respond but if it's anything like  Valle Nevado, the equipment is old and beat. If you like original pocket rockets and x-screams the original yellow ones,, you'll love the rentals.... 


I take 2 pair down with me, no charges. to be honest, even the 150 to have my skis would be worthwhile.

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I would suggest taking your own equipment. Most of the demos are of the skinny and older variety. Suerte!

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Thanks for the info, I guess I will take my own equipment then.


I am flying continental to BsAs (with miles) and then LAN to Bariloche. The domestic flights on LAN have more restrictions that the international ones, but I'll see what I can get away with.

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The last two days have been a powderfest at Catedral. Monday was tough, it was raining consistently all day, and visibility was between bad and downright dangerous. It snowed all day Tuesday, they opened just a few chairs but there was plenty of powder around. Today was just fantastic, visibility got better, and there were tons of untracked snow for most of the day. They haven't re opened the whole mountain yet, so there will be plenty of fresh snow for the remaining of my stay. I picked a good time to come here . I forgot my camera cable so I don't have any pictures to post for now. But trust me, it has been good!

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Simon, glad you are getting some!

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Thanks for keep us posted about what's going on at Bariloche!!!


Do a nice run from top of Condor for me!!! ;)


I can't wait for Setember !!!



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I found a way to get the pictures from my camera so here are a few teasers. I'll post more later on.


Monday: Conditions at the bottom runs weren't quite skiable.


Bariloche 030.JPG



Tuesday: It snowed all day but visibility was bad in some places.


Bariloche 036.JPG


Bariloche 056.JPG



Wednesday: It snowed heavily overnight, leaving the city and the mountain blanketed. Great powder day.


Bariloche 072.JPG


Bariloche 076.JPG



Thursday: Finally, the sun came out in full force and there were still plenty of fresh snow to be had.


Bariloche 091.JPG


Bariloche 112.JPG


Bariloche 102.JPG

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Nice to see you are getting some good snow! As for the bottom, well - at least they seem to have downloading own...


Don't know what you have found food-wise - but I ate at three noteworthy places last month. Two deserve a public recommendation. You should consider checking them out.


Butterfly offers an amazing tasting menu. Not cheap - but arguably the best food and best value of any place I ate at in Argentina. Do the tasting menu with their wine pairings. Great food. Perfect service. Cool sort of hidden location. You'd pay 2-4 times as much for a similar meal in a US "serious" restaurant town. 


Il Gabiano down by Llao Llao is an excellent Italian place. Notably above the crowd. Great service. Great food.


And I can't talk about the other place. My local pal told me bad things would happen to me if I were responsible for ruining the last truly local and local's place in town :)...

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Nice shots Simon!!! You definetively have been good conditions!


Spindrift - There are a lot of good places to eat at bariloche, for sure. 

I can mention:

One of the best, in my opnion, is O Boliche do Alberto, The best "bife de Chorisso" or "Lomo", fantastic fried potates. Good wines, service and prices.


Other one is the Jauja, where you'll find the same as good as Boliche is.


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Nice shots Simon.  Sorry we didn't get to hook up.  I got caught up with things down there and lost track, my GF would have just slowed you down anyway. =)  


Also for food try Tony's, he has meat samplers that are insanely good and dirt cheap.

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Here's a copy of our Bariloche Restaurant Guide for anyone interested. ¡Buen provecho!

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It looks like the Southern Andes are getting the goods this year, Pucon, Bariloche and Nevados the Chillan seem to be in better shape than Valle Nevado, Las Lenas...


Cerro Catedral website is reporting 140 cm of fresh snow in the last 12 hours, on the upper slopes:


The forecast is promising even more for the next few days:


And 40 inches for Pucon's lower slopes!!!


Well, the weather in Patagonia is very unstable, the freezing level can go up high and it may rain top to bottom...

But I wish I was there at least for the weekend...


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Hi Thiago!


Yes, looks like a snow storm hit Bariloche yesterday, Cerro Catedral, at least !

Take a look at:','base_cerro',1,930,665,1)


The question hight now is: How fast they will be able to reopen the pistes ?? Last year they last 3 days after a snow storm like that, to put the whole mountain to run again and it's no so funny for who buy lift tickets and heading there just to ski.



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