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6-20-2010 - Skiing Cody Bowl at Jackson Hole

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I invited 14 people to join me yesterday - and the only one who showed up was my wife. 


I'm not sure what that says about me, my wife, or my so-called friends, but it was their loss.  We've finally had a few days of sunshine after what has seemed like weeks of unending rain.  It was a beautiful day to be up on the mountain and the skiing was as nice as the day.


Our target for the day was the east flank of Cody Peak, which is known as "Powder 8 Face" because the US National Powder 8's used to be held there years ago.  It's a total of about an hour of skiing, skinning, and booting to get to the top of Powder 8 Face from the top of the tram at the JH Mountain Resort, but it's really worth it once you're there.


Here's Ruthie skiing a small bowl on our way to the main destination.  Powder 8 is the wide snowfield in the upper left-hand corner of this photo, and we skied right below that cliff band where the rocks start on that snowy ridgeline:




Here's Ruthie booting up the east side of Powder 8:




Here I am right at the top of the snowfield we're going to ski:




Cranking up the corn harvester:




This is what we came for:








Further down:




And here's Ruthie on the Cody flat on our way back to the tram.  Our tracks are directly above her head:




And the best news of all is that today is the summer solstice, so that means the days start getting shorter tomorrow and winter can't be THAT far behind.



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Just a quick addition to help identify the location for any of you who aren't familiar with Jackson Hole.  Cody Bowl is the next major drainage directly south of the top of our ski resort.


This photo by Margo Krisjansons is used on the home page of the Bridger Teton National Forest Backcountry Avalanche & Weather Forecast page.  It was taken from the top of the tram years ago while the ski patrol was shooing a recoilless rifle for avalanche control in preparation for one of the Powder 8 contests.  You can see where three or four shots landed if you look closely.


What I absolutely love about this photo is that it should leave a VERY sobering impression on anyone who is considering just bopping out the backcountry gate at Jackson Hole and going over and skiing that wonderful-looking slope.  That slide is still picking up speed in this photo.




Where we started skiing is about 75 feet to the right of the starting point of the avalanche in this photo. 

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As Always, thanks Bob, I would have made the hike but sadly I did't get and invite

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Thanks, Bob!  Looks like an excellent way to spend Father's Day.  I keep thinking my season is over, but after seeing your pictures I may just have to kick a few more steps, and make a few more turns.  As your pictures illustrate, what can be extremely dangerous in winter turns into a wonderful summer ski.  Keep up the good work!

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  Summer solstice...  Yes !


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