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edge bevel question

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I've been "out of the loop" for a few years...
Does 1 degree base angle mean that there's 1 degree of "dip" from the edge towards the ski's center, so that the ski is slightly concave? Or is it the reverse, so that the ski is somewhat convex? Or is the angle only supposed to be on the edge surface itself, and if so, which way? Similarly, how does the angle apply to the side: with a 3 degree edge bevel does the edge appear to be cut at 87 or 93 degrees (disregarding the base bevel). Or if I'm completely off base here altogether, could someone please explain exactly where/how these angles are applied.
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1 degree base edge bevel refers to the edge{s} from the plane of the base. Not off center of base. 3 degrees {87 or 93, depending on makers of edge tools) is making the side edge angle acute, taking more material away up by the sidewall instead of at the corner of the edge. I guess some folk refer to the created angle itself and some to the complimentary angle.

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For clarification only :the bevel angle is toward the outside of the ski,towards the actual edge itself, thus making it easier to angulate and engage your edges.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wink:
...thus making it easier to ... engage your edges.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

NBD, but this statement might be a bit misleading.

As was pointed out, a bottom bevel makes the outsides of the edges slightly further from the snow than the insides of the edges (when the ski is flat). The reason is to prevent the edges from engaging on minute variations in the snow surface, and require a conscious effort by the skier (eg, approximately one *more* degree of edging) to engage them.

Thus, the bottom bevel intentionally makes it slightly more difficult to edge than with a totally flat ski bottom.

Tom / PM
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Physics Man, check it out: The guy says it makes it easier to ENGAGE the edges - and it DOES. As a practical matter, although flat skis [no base bevel] grip the snow earlier [at less of an angle], it is a lot more difficult to get off of one edge and onto the other with the flat ski. Beveling DOES reduce the chances of inadvertently engaging the edges, and it ALSO helps a LOT by increasing the EASE of edge to edge changes. So there. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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