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Mount Hutt opened last weekend June 12, and was in great shape. All week the snow and coverage has been fantastic though the off piste is too variable and icy except in gullies. It was very windy last weekend and again today though this week has been amazing conditions on trail. Sunny and calm. An awesome start to the season.


The Bird on Saturday 19th would be good too, It will be snowing tomorrow here and Sunday, Monday. Yippee . is the website.


If anyone down this way PM me and I may be able to show you around. I am a Level Three Ski and Board Instructor here at Mount Hutt.


New Zealand school holidays are July 3-July 17th(ish) so I would recommend late July to late August as best time to come for winter conditions and after for spring till Early October. The Southern Alps are world renowned for Heliskiing and the scenery is incredible.


Our ski fields are above tree line or at least there are no trees, and the villages are off the skifields. Urgo we can play golf after skiing for 99% of the time as the snow line is usually over 1000 meters (3000ft) and our ski towns are lower.

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