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Daughter with ultra-wide feet

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My 12 year-old daughter has forefeet that are 105-110mm wide. I've measured several times...no mistake. She is a novice, and obviously, still growing.  Also, pretty laid back, and not very hard-charging.  Cruising is fine.  I want to get her into a pair of boots for the next season.  My observations are:


1.  Only a couple of womens' boots come close to that wide (Salomon Charm and Dalbello Aspire). Both are "comfort-oriented" beginners boots.


2.  The ski shops In my area have limited selection in wide womens' boots.


Questions:  Does a comfort-oriented beginners boot make sense for her? Or does it make more sense to get something more performance-oriented and have it modified?


How much additional lateral space can be created by stretching boots?  (2mm? 4mm?). Can you stretch liners too?

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there are a couple more considerations here... what size foot?  the width references from manufacturers are for one specific boot size and that width is scaled up or down depending on boot size.  These width should be used as a reference between models rather than looking for the exact match for her needs.


I never recommend novice boots to anyone.  Waste of money if you ask me.  Look at least a sport level boot and begin with a wider option and have it stretched.  A reputable fitter can get her another couple widths easily.

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Thanks Bud -- Her foot measures about 9 inches long. She usually wears a women's size 8 street shoe to accommodate the width of her feet, which is about 1-2 sizes bigger than you would expect based on the length. (My initial guess is that mondopoint 23-24 is about where she should be in a ski boot with the appropriate width) 


Any suggestions on how to determine what is at least a sport-level boot?  Is something like Head Dream 8.5s high enough up the food-chain?

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Hi Dr. Skinny,


     I agree with Bud about entry level boots (not worth it)--- in most brands, sport level begins above a 7 level boot so look for an "8" somewhere in the model name.  The head might work if stretched to fit for width---try not to go to big on shell fit as this will affect the control effort your daughter puts into skiing--(control = confidence).

      It is recommended in the WIKI at the beginning of "Ask the boot guys" to shell fit no larger than 15mm.  Try to stay close to the 15mm this year and the boot should fit for a couple of years, if her foot size doesn't change to rapidly.


Happy Skiing

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There are many wide boots on the market and there is often no benefit to purchasing a woman's boot.  Purchase a boot that fits.  Period.  Don't estimate her length have it measured at the shop in Mondo size and start shell fitting from there.  find a shop with a good reputation for fitting and rely on them.  If there are none in your area consider a trip to someone listed here if it is at all convenient.



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