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S7 vs. 2011 SFB vs. Prophet 115

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The 2011 Sir Francis Bacon does not appear to be quite as extreme in shape as the S7, but does anyone know how close it is now that they added rocker (27.5cm x 15mm tip and tail)? How similar will the '11 SFB be to the S7 in terms of performance? Also, I assume both of these skis are softer and more powder-specific than the new Prophet 115, but does anyone know how much stiffer the P115 is? Is the P115 more comparable to the Huge Trouble? I'm interested in the comparisons from any of you who might have tried all these skis.

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Check out this link to all the ski reviews on TGR.  If you keep scolling down I think you will get to all the skis you are asking about. Considering the skis you are interested in, you also might want to consider the ON3P Billiy Goat or Caylor.  The company is having a presale deal for next year's skis right now.  The link also has reviews of the ON3Ps.



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^^^^ What he saId. Will only add that you may want to read for a while over there and focus your questions a bit before posting. Keep in mind that half the skis you're asking about are new for next season.  I can only speak to the S7 vs. one run I took on some old SFB's; very different skis in all regards. S7's were vastly better. 

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Thanks 'mudfoot' for the reply -- I've spent quite a bit of time on TGR and have found very little info on the 10/11 models, which is to be expected since it is likely that only ski shop owners/buyers have been able to try out these products at this point. I have a connection at Line, so I'm only interested in Line skis right now (I am pre-ordering), but since the S7 seems so well known and liked on this forum I thought I would offer that as a source of comparison, particularly since the 10/11 SFB seems to be moving in the direction of the S7 with its design (i.e. the addition of tip and tail rocker along with the already existing early taper and similar sidecuts -- I don't know about the flex or torsional rigidity). There are plenty of available reviews of the S7 and a couple of the P115, but I was hoping for a direct comparison of the three models mentioned from someone who has experience with each of them. Also, the addition of tip and tail rocker on the SFB seems significant enough that it will affect its performance enough so that reviews of previous years' models will not be that relevant.


I think it is obvious from the original post that 2 out of the 3 skis mentioned are next year's models and, therefore, only a handful of people on this forum are qualified to answer the questions. I figured there was a pretty good chance that I would get no replies, since the only people qualified to answer are not even selling these models yet, but I figured I'd give it a try. I'm not looking for a 10-paragraph description of each model's performance characteristics, but rather just a quick comparison from someone who is actually familiar with the skis mentioned.


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