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The D-Spin

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I had a friend tell me that a proper d-spin is a 360 into a backflip.  I always thought it was just some sort of cork 7 move.


Can someone clarify what needs to happen for it to be a true d-spin?

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The feet have to go above the head on a D spin, but it's off-axis vs a flip. # of rotations is irrelevant.

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Found on google.  May be true, maybe not.

Yes, I'm bored.  I'm usually only mildly interested in tricks.

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a d-spin is essentially a backflip 360.  A cork 7 is a non-inverted d-spin.  So, a d-spin is kind of a "cork 7" move.  It most certainly is not a 360 into a backflip.  You can kind of think of it as the amount of "flip" in the trick.  Back full is flippier than a d-spin, d-spin is flippier than a cork 7.

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