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Stolen Bike Alert: Colorado Mtn Region

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Longshot I know, but just a heads up to the Colorado people if you happen upon a suspicious bike for sale.  My Rocky Mtn Slayer 50 was stolen right off my deck yesterday in Steamboat.  I'm beyond pissed off being biking is what keeps me happy in the offseason.  2007 model, size small, blue and white, all black Marzocchi Bomber front fork (sticker on the right arm has a quarter-sized ding), SRAM/Avid components, Maxxis/Crossride wheels, silver Thomson post and Butterfly saddle (but that could have been swapped out already)... the silver post would be a big indicator as that isn't stock.  I have serial number if needed.  $$$ Reward and comp Steamboat summer gondola tickets for any info leading to it's return.  Looks like this (not my bike, but same exact model minus seat&post): http://media.photobucket.com/image/2...y_Slayer50.jpg


Thanks for looking!

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Yeh, that would be enough to piss me off. But it makes me wonder who might take it. Steamboat isn't exactly like New York City where a bike like that could just disappear. I find it hard to believe that a local would take it with the intention of riding it around town. And I find it equally hard to believe that any transients from the big city are going to drive all the way out to Steamboat just to swipe bikes. Sounds like something kids might do, just decide spur of the moment to take it for a joy ride and then ditch it when they get tired of it. Hopefully you will get it back.

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Once in a blue moon we do get theft "rings" that pass through town, and the bike shops I talked to have heard of a lot of bike thefts in the past week.  But yes, it's very rare, typically thefts come from pissfaced kids who have nothing better to do, or burn-outs who need some money for rent.  Mine definitely a little suspicious because of where the bike was... it was jammed behind my townie and between my grill and a patio chair... so in otherwords, the thief had to move stuff to get at it, and furthermore it would be hard to notice it from just driving by (plus I'm on a no-outlet street so people don't just drive by), you have to be pretty much parked in front of my porch to see it or have walked past it on the porch... they also had to be positive I wasn't home, or asleep, because it is directly in front of my large livingroom window...  so I suspect either someone associated with a neighbor, or someone who maybe was working at the building and noticed it (Qwest was working on the building on Friday).  And my dumb fault for not bringing the bike inside... I left my lock in my friend's car and it was too dirty to bring inside, hence why I hid it behind the other bike... but theft isn't something we see often at people's homes here, so very easy to be lax about bikes when they are at your house and on your deck... almost every unit in our building has bikes hanging from hooks or sitting on the deck.  I just fear that it's already at a pawn shop in Denver, stripped of the serial number.  If it's in town, I'm pretty confident it will be found... if it's in Denver, it's gone.

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Do you own the place you're staying in, or renting? If you have homeowner's or renters' insurance, you might want to check your policy. I went to my insurance company a while back because I wanted to add a new roadie that I had just bought to my policy, and come to find out that it was already automatically covered up to something like $3000 under my homeowner's policy. Might be worth looking into.

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Yep, my State Farm agent in Aspen was very good about getting me paid for my bike that got ripped off in Mexico.


Sucks about your bike, sound's like a local job. 

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Unfortunately I didn't have renter's insurance at the time of the theft... I do now, and yes it most likely would have covered the theft... although being I am the second owner of the bike, not sure how hard it would have been to prove ownership... I have the original purchase documents from the guy I bought it off, but not sure if that would prove that I owned it.  The insurance was one of those things I'd been meaning to get to since moving into my new apartment (didn't need my own policy for the apartment where I was living for the past 5 years), just never got around to it until it was too late.  Lesson learned.

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