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So I am finally Moving.....

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I have decided that I am moving out to Salt Lake City by the end of August. I just finished up college and am ready to live in a state with mountains. I am visiting SLC here in a couple of weeks to find a place to live. I am not Morman. Does any one have any suggestions on a nice place to live? I am leaning towards the Sandy area. I am open and welcome input. Also, does anyone have any other suggestions? Like a good place to eat? Places to live?


Thanks in advance,



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You looking for a apartment, condo, house or what? You have prospects of a job where? North, East, South, West or Downtown. You wanting easy access to public transpo or drive? What is your budget for housing?

Alot of resturants in the greater SLC area, and your budget is? and the type of food (american, chinese, mexican, or whatever) you are interested in?

I guess no answers here, just questions.

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Most likely I am looking for an apartment.....I can afford about 850 a month. I am leaning towards the Sandy area. Easy access to public transportation would be a plus. I would like to avoid the Campus. I have lived near college kids for the past five years and do not need a sixth year.


As for food.......just a nice good place to eat....doesnt have to be spendy...

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Good for you!  Check craigs list for housing; there is plenty in SLC.

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From my TR this year, you should try Pats BBQ



At the end of a day like this, we need to refuel so we look for a local haunt that is recommended by someone in town.......I should have taken a picture of this place......Pat's BBQ
The place is a small cement block building painted and quirky, next to a Hydraulic repair business in the industrialish part of town, with no other restaurants any where to be seen.  Not a place you'd find without someone local telling you its there.  Big picnic tables, colorful painted cement block walls and bare concrete floors, but amazing BBQ.  Its a place that any bear who visits SLC should try.
Stupid me, I didn't take a pic!

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In a move like this, Craigslist is your friend. Check it 2-3-4 times a day...every day. 

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Yeah, my daughter just used Craigslist to find a place in Coos Bay OR within a week of getting a job there.  She didn't have time to actually go there to look at places before taking the job, she had to drive home from Portland, pick up furniture, and have me help here drive it back to Coos Bay and then report to work all in a matter of days.  Worked out fine. 

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If you are not LDS, Sugarhouse or anywhere in SLC north of 2100 south might be better for you.  Sandy is closer to the canyons but not enough to make much difference.




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Have you been to Sandy? I stayed there on a ski trip this year and thought it was incredibly depressing. "Nice" is subjective, and maybe you like strip malls more than me, but definitely check it out before committing to a place there.

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Yeah.  There are alot of LDS in SLC and all of Utah.  They are not bad people, but you won't want to hang around them to long if you don't agree with their way of life.  "In my opinion anyway". 

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Evidently you are looking to the south burbs - for public trans, get near "Trax access stops" alot of the stops have parking lots for those using the trains, BTW trains have certain cars that you can take a bicycle with you. Also there are buses that run into the canyons. If that canyon access is really what you are looking for, with private vehicle you are pretty much less than a hour away from the CWC's anywhere in the valley. I have a friend that lives in Bountiful (he is about 50 min. from Alta) except during the rush hrs.

The western side of SLC is alot "newer" or at least it seems that way. As far as the LDS, There are places in NYC that the Jewish faith is predominate, New England is heavily Catholic and across the south is southern Baptist.

Hope you find what you are looking for - now's the time to do it not 20 yrs from now.

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Yeah I am making a trip out there next Friday to get a feel for the area and conduct some interviews. I have been searching craigslist quite a bit lately. Yeah I am not a LDS member.  Public transportation would be nice. However I do have my own vehicle, though I would prefer public transportation because its cheaper then the gas hog.  Any other suggestions on a good place to live or the "good portions" of town. Preferably where LDS is not as bad. I have been told to avoid the southern part of SLC. Does anyone else have any other suggestions or inputs on this?


Thanks for your help.


Maybe Ill be able to make some turns with some of you come winter..........to say the least.......Fricken STOKED!

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I went to the U of U, too long ago to mention, but the area around the campus is nice. You might want to try the area called "The Avenues", although might be a bit pricey, and it's not as close to the mouth of the canyons as Sandy. Maybe you could share a house with some grad students, so you might want to make a trip to the university campus and look for postings for people looking for roomates or renters who are looking for tenants. If you're looking for non Mormons, the U is a good place to start because there's a lot of out-of-state students (I was one, being from Idaho). Many graduates live near by.


Another thought would be to live and work in Park City. I did that quite a few years, while studying and after graduating, and worked at ski shops and even taught classes one year. Teaching sucked though, you don't ski that much. You can get a free season pass and gear really cheap. Alta and the 'Bird are sweet, but don't knock Deer Valley until you've tried it. They have a lot more expert terrain these days. The Canyons has tons of "side country" and out-of-bounds terrain. You can still make it over to Little Cottonwood Canyon since it's about an hour drive and there are shuttles.


Good luck, you're going to love Utah! I go back for a couple of weeks almost every year.

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