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From New Zealand to Copper Mountain or similar?

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Hello!  The last two years in late Feb / early March we have travelled from New Zealand to ski Sun Peaks (10 days 2010), Silver Star and Big White, BC  (14 days total 2009) .  Its been great, especially Silver Star and Sun Peaks but I'm now thinking a US experience is in order.   We're one learner adult (husband, who may not ski much anyway), a confident blue/groomed black (me), 10 year old snowboarding boy and 9 year old skiing boy, both fine on blues, and they love trees!


Things we love - lots of terrain, true ski in ski out,  fully self contained top quality condo, ski school very handy, lots of restaurants, pedestrian village, a good grocery store, complimentary ski guiding (excellent at  Sun Peaks) consistent weather (well, as far as possible in the mountains!).  Things we don't like - crowds, noise, shuttles, rain.


From New Zealand we would most likely fly into Los Angeles so our US starting point would be there.


I would be very grateful if someone has some suggestions. I've been reviewing lots of Colorado resorts but there is such a plethora of mixed information it is hard to make a decision based on comparing apples with apples.  At the moment Copper Mountain is figuring highly although Steamboat seems to get some good press.  O boy, its all very confusing and to make matters worse it doesn't have to be Colorado either!


What to do?  Thanks so much for your time.

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Copper doesn't really have a grocery store. There is a small market, but you will pay dearly for a small and somewhat strange variety of food. (Does anyone know if there is a delivery service of any sort from City Market or Safeway?) How many times do you want to go to a restaurant? Copper has some good restaurants, but not a ton. Probably enough for a 10-day trip, though. Otherwise it sounds pretty good for you. (What do you mean by "complimentary ski guiding"?)

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Hi segbrown


Thanks for your reply. 


We would eat out most nights so restaurants are fairly crucial, I seem to develop an allergy to cooking when I'm on holiday.  Still would have breakfast and make snacks etc for the boys in the condo though.


Complimentary ski guiding at Sun Peaks meant at 9am you turn up at the ski-guide meeting place.  You are divided into ability groups and assigned a guide who will show you all over the mountain until lunchtime and then again all afternoon as well if you want.  It is a free service and the guides are all very good skiers with excellent mountain knowledge.  How it worked is the Mountain admin would give them a season pass and clothing in exchange for their doing one day a week guiding, money not changing hands apparently.  


As I was skiing by myself in the mornings when the boys were in ski school it worked really well.  I didn't have to waste precious time deciphering trail maps, the guides knew the best trails for the current conditions and I met some great people too that I've stayed in touch with.   


This seems to be a standard service for the BC resorts, is there something similar at US resorts do you know?

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I think a good bet would be Vail, which is a car-less, self contained village (based of off Zermatt in Switzerland) that sits at the base of the mountain. It has excellent terrain, restaraunts, snow quality etc. It is consistently ranked as one of the top resorts in North America. For some other options, Breckenridge has many ski in ski out properties (at one time it had the most in the US, but that may have changed) or Telluride. Good Luck in your search!

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I think you would really like Snowmass.  Aspen has three directs daily from LAX.

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

I think you would really like Snowmass.  Aspen has three directs daily from LAX.


Snowmass / Aspen could give you everything in spades.  World class, lots of eating options, great quantities of terrain for everyone, kids programs for all ages, lots of slope side condos at Snowmass.  A car would not be an essential with the bus system.  Don't know if they they have a 'mountain host' program or not though, but you could figure it out.  Many times larger than Copper, and normally less crowded especially on the weekends.


Have a great time where ever you choose to go.

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Thanks everyone for your input.  At this stage we are seriously considering Telluride for early March 2011, with the plan to stay in the Mountain Village Core.  seems to have something for everyone, including the non-skier who can mooch around in Telluride itself.  any comments welcome but thanks again for your interest.

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Telluride is really nice, you'll like it there.  It's a little harder to get to, which has it's pros and cons.  If you fly in on Saturday or Sunday there is a direct from LAX to MTJ (Montrose).


I would not recommend taking America West/US Air from PHX to TEX.  TEX is a marginal strip and America West sucks. 

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Thanks for your thoughts. The plan is to drive across from LA via Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Navajo National Monument then fly back on a weekend from Montrose as you suggest.  Seems to all work OK and should be very scenic!

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