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Lessons At Sugarbush

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I have only taken one lesson since I started skiing 3 seasons ago. I really want to take more lessons and be more fluid and improve my overall ability.

Can anybody recommend an instructor at Sugarbush for group or private lessons?

My wife and I are going to Sugarbush sometime in January or February and would like to both take lessons.

I am not positive what level we are but I would say upper intermediate to lower advanced. We ski everything except steep bumps and narrow trees and are currently working on finishing our carved turns perfectly and linking very short turns on steeps without skidding. We would love to get better at bumps and improve our balance in very uneven conditions. My wife skis differently then I do so we obviously have different strenths and weaknesses.

Since we both ski differently I am not sure if we should try to take a group lesson together or get a private for each of us. The group lessons are $37 and I assume they will be small classes on a weekday (maybe we will be the only two in our level or group). The private are $87 for one our.

Is it worth the money to take separate private lessons as we both have different skiing styles and things to work on?

Also I had ACL surgery in May so I am not 100% but have skied about 8 times this year without major problems. Will most instructors baby me if I tell them this or should I just take the lesson and see how it goes? I beleive Sugarbush has some blue bump runs so I would like to try them at least.

Tell me if there is anything else I should think about or know before booking lessons.

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It's been a few years, but MaryAnn was one of the better instructors a while back. I don't know if she's still there. Sounds like you want a level 6 - 7 lesson. I don't think that you'd have too many people with you at that level - especially midweek. I say go for the group lesson - you might end up with a private for just the two of you.
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Go to Mad River Glen instead. They have a great ski school and it's a great place to learn - you will get better.
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I figured I am a 6 or 7 so that's cool. I think I downplay my ability alot which is better than overstating it in most cases.

I bought a 3 day ski package from someone who couldn't use it to Sugarbush so I am going there.

Once I get better at bumps I would love to go try MRG.
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sounds like a plan. But remember you do not have to be an expert to ski Mad River. Good luck
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I think there is a Bear who teaches at Sugarbush. Are you going mid-week? If you do, chances are you'll end up with a private or semi-private anyway.
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