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Thanks, good advice.  This Spring, that connecting flight thru DEN to ASE, with less than an hour layover, and then the short, free shuttle from ASE to the condo at Snowmass, was extremely convenient.  But, so far, no great deals from here to ASE -- and, BTW, ticket prices to HDN from here are off the charts. 


Tickets for flights from DC airports to DEN are enough cheaper than tickets for flights thru DEN to ongoing stops (ASE, EGE, HDN) that the savings would pay for the rental car.  So the only issue would be time -- whether driving out from DEN on 12/26 or 12/27 and returning back to there on 1/1 or 1/2 would be "off peak".


OTOH, as much as I'd like to get some more skiing in the West, if air ticket prices stay high for the Xmas period, from here in DC we have the fall-back of packing the car, pointing it north, and driving up to Stowe. 



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I flew into Steamboat (Hayden last Feb) with 3 other adults and 7 kids between 4 and 11 years old.  My brother flew into Denver the week before that and drove there.  He hated the drive.  If you go there, I would recommend taking the connector to Hayden.  Check their site, I know one additional major is flying into Hayden this year.


I drew the short straw and took the van ride with all the kids.  It was no big deal (25 minutes from Hayden to Steamboat).  All the kids were blues (except 4 year who was a blue by the time we left).  Everyone loved the mountain, the tree skiing, and the town too.  Lots to do.  I could see doing 8 days there easy.


BUT - Pony Express area might not be open at Christmas.  Have to look at the averages.

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I understand your dilemma.  Airfares are quite high this year. Since Christmas falls on a Saturday, we get a short week were everyone wants to travel the same days, pushing them even higher.


I would consider off peak driving out of Denver, west bound anytime afternoon and eastbound before?


I would just wait it out and see what conditions look like everywhere?

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Nice handle, willski4food! Welcome to Epic.


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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

I would just wait it out and see what conditions look like everywhere?

This is my current plan.  With no low fares, there's no upside to deciding now.

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We are two possibly three adults and four kids.  We def want to go to an area with a few hills to have some variation.  We  do not want a connecting flight if possible.  Does Targhee/JH require a connecting flight, what about big sky?  In terms of apres god food is appreciated by everyone, and if there are other kids activities like snowmobiling and ice skating that would be great.  My only concern with keystone/brek/copper is that they won't have that much terrain open.  December of this season those resorts were seriously snow deprived.  Two people going with us have been to Steamboat and suggested taking the 3 hour drive over Hayden with a lot of kids/luggage.  Any advice?    

From the east coast, Bozeman, MT (big sky) or Jackson, WY will probably require a connection.


I agree with the guy that said at this point all you can do is play the percentages. The places that have the most consistent early season conidtions (targhee, wolf cr., etc..) don't meet your other requirements. I would suggest SLC, but if the snow isn't good (high pressure) that gurantees some truly miserable inversions in the valley (high temps of single digits and air polution worse than the worst you have ever seen on the east coast).

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