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Surviving throughout the Summer

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Well it's Summer again...

This year I've taken the opportunity to do something different than just swimming, skating, cycling to help me  "survive"...

Where does the melted snow ultimately goes?

To the sea.

So will I.

To do what?

To swim & snorkel?

This I already do.

But this spring, right at the time the lifts were shutting down I started a skin diving (free diving, apnea in Italian, in short, to learn to dive without an air supply attached to your back. This last is something I can't do, it's a no-no for me) course...

I've always played in the water with fins, mask and snorkel, I've always liked to plunge and swim a bit underwater.

Now I'm taking the opportunity to get to better know my limits, how far I can go and when to stop/change.

Why? I'm hoping that to learn how to breathe more efficietly and how to more efficietly make use of my reserves, use my muscles, and what limits of those "reserves" I have will help me in the winter as well.

After all, some said : "When you scuba dive, you look around you. Wen you skin dive, you look inside you".

Once the water will transform itself again in snow...I'll be up in the mountain. Basically following the water "cycle". eh!

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I was going to open a new thread but then remembered that I had open this one...

Well, the teaching has formally ended this past saturday with a skin-dive session in the lake Como waters, lake Como is the deepest of the Italian lakes bottoming at -400 mt or so..

Visibility was so-so and the surface was rough, due to strong winds.

Nevertheless I feel very satisfied, I met the course stated goal, but most importantly, gained/reinforced important insights, a better knowledge of my inner slef, which will come handy while skiing in the next winters...

Down there, at -10/-15 I found such tranquillity as when one is in the mid of nowhere in deep snow, no sounds no crowds, just you and..you. Dive there with an air supply with bottles would be a pity, really (but I couldn't anyway, so, don't really give it a thought).

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The diver and his lake:


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Teee heeee!

I wish I were...well let's say it would be enough form me if  I had the money to buy a villa there!

Not uncommon to see the guy on an Harley zooming around with his friends,so they say...but I'm celebrity-blind...usually I wouldn't recognize one even if he/she were to stand in front of me, half a meter away and waving directly at me...It takes soemone else to point out said celeb and say "hey!, that one is xxxx" and even then, my reaction is "uh?, ah, well, ok,err...thank you".

Anyway I was on the other "leg" ("ramo", branch, I guess is more appropriate, but given the shape) of the lake, the one known locally as "Lake Lecco" (from the name of the town at that end)...

More or less the same sun exposition but at (check using Google earth)

45 52 40.25 N

09 20 58.80 E

The place is known as "Spiaggia Rapanui" (Rapanui beach) and much frequented by divers (skin or otherwise scuba).

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I'm sorry I didn't quite understand:  how deep were you going?

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Not much... The course stated goals call for -10 meters.

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