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The thing is, even if it does go back to KC, the Giants have shown they are not at all phased by playing on the road... not even a little.


One advantage they have that I think is underrated is this team always plays in front of packed stadiums.  They're so used to an "electric" setting by now they can stay calm and collected.  The Cardinals also benefit from that.


Tonight is pretty much a must win game for KC.

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Advantage Royals.  2 games to 1, but that was not exactly a blow out.  Guthrie gave them a quality start so the relievers could do their thing.

Nice to see former Nat Michael Morse come in and have a positive impact for the Giants.  He can crush the ball!

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Good game, well played on both sides.  Must win for the Giants tonight.  I won't say it's over if they lose because they have a track record of crazy comebacks, but I sure wouldn't like their chances.


Prediction: the winner of tonight's game wins the series.  If KC wins, they're up 3-1, so duh.  If SF wins, it's all tied up and we've got Bumgarner starting the next game.

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Holy cow.  I fell asleep when it was 4-2 KC.  Nice comeback by Giants in 11-4 win.

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Looking good for Giants. But all KC has to do is win one and then it's anybody's ballgame:-)
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Home field advantage to the Royals for 7th game tonight. Can Tim Hudson pull out a victory in the biggest start of his long career? Will Bumgarner make a saving appearance for the Giants? Some fun storylines in this one!
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BUMGARNER DELIVERS!  Reminded me of what Orel Hershiser did for the Dodgers in 1988.

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Pretty amazing run that guy is on. Giants played better, they deserved to win.
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Another nail-biter for Giants fans but after the 5th inning it didn't feel as tense as normal. The Royals failure to jump on Bumgardner in that inning allowed Madison to get back into his groove. I wasn't anywhere close to being as nervous last night from the 6th on as I normally have been in the past 2 World Series.

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I was in SoCal for Game 7.  Fun to watch the Giant's win their 3rd in 5 years in enemy territory.  There happened to be a bunch of Giants fans staying in the same hotel so we took over the bar.  I do like that Royals team and I hope they get another shot at it before long.

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3rd World Series win in 5 years is pretty amazing.  Bochy and the current management must have their stuff together.  I've spent virtually my whole life, 60 years, in DC and the only time we had something like that was the Redskins Superbowl wins in 82, 87, 91.  I very clearly remember saying to myself and my friends again and again that these are amazing times to be a sports fan in the city and that we may never see anything like it again in our lives.  Don't know if the case is true in SF, but it really brought DC together and cut across social and economic lines in a way almost nothing else could.  To this day I can wear a Redskins ballcap in any part of town and feel like it's a badge of friendship.  Of course, lately I'm enjoying the more competitive team the Nationals are fielding.   

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Strasburg is back on the DL again :(

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Well, this season did not work out as hoped for the Nats.  Like a lot of Nats, Strasburg's been good, bad, and injured this year, but tonight he won with 14 strikeouts and over his last 10 starts, Strasburg is now 6-2 with a 2.07 ERA, 79 strikeouts and nine walks.  There's always next year, but then after that Stephen's contract is up and all bets are off.

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I've been quiet about Strasburg in 2016.  Didn't want to jinx him.  He's currently tied for NL lead in wins by pitchers and has a 9-0 record with 2.69 ERA.  He got a huge $175 million 7 yr contract on May 10 and he seems to be the kind of guy who is settled by that sort of thing rather than having it go to his head.  We shall see.  Nats lead the NL East at this time propped up by a strong start by their pitching staff.  Many of the Nats hitters have not really come alive yet this season.  Link to brief interview with Strasburg yesterday:

BHe has kept right on rolling after finalizing a $175 million, seven-year contract with Washington on May 10.

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He's had a great year, let's hope it continues. Play-off time will be key to see if they can finally get over that hump and at least be respectable.
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Nats bomb out of NLDS again:-( Congrats to Dodgers who pulled out all the stops (i.e. Kershaw) to move on. In the playoffs the Nats really missed a second top stopper like Strasburg. I hope he can come back and pitch well next year. Only so many years a team can remain a top contender before age and contracts force rebuilding mode. If Nats can keep their fine GM Rizzo they might be ok for a while longer.
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