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Ski Choice from 4 need to choose 1. Intermediate skiier. Please Help!

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I'm an intermediate skiier looking to buy my first pair of skis as I'm tired of hiring and skiing Treble Cone NZ for two weeks this year. Mainly stay on blue groomers, occasional black and off piste. Looking for a ski that will help with my technique to become a better skiier on my edges etc.


Need some help deciding on which skis to buy for the money. I'm from Australia and have to choose between these which all have their standard bindings. ($AUS)


$1079 Volkl AC 20 2011     

$799 Salomon X-Wing 8 2011

$599 K2 Apache Raider 2009

$499 Rossignol Bandit B3 Axium 110 Bindings 2008


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm stumped on what to choose, thanks!

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Hi - All good skis for an intermediate, but each different in feel and mission. If you could tell us something about your size, weight, what skis you've liked in the past, it would help. Meanwhile, I'd say the X-Wing if you're lighter and like a quick, responsive ski, the Raider if you like a damp, smooth, heavier ski, and the B3 if you plan to spend more time off-piste than taking carving lessons. I can't love the Volkl, especially for the money, but others do. 

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I'm definitely a light skiier, 175cms and around 62kgs. Haven't really taken much notice on previous skis that I've had, pretty much just whatever they gave me at the rental shop. Last time I had some Rossignol Phantoms around 170cm but I can't really compare them to anything. Thanks for you reply

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I have Volkl AC-20s and they've been a great intermediate ski for me.  However, based on an exchange rate of .819, the ones you're considering are $US 884, which is too high.  I think I've seen 2010's for roughly half that price.  And, no need to stick with the current year model.  Other than graphics, the AC-20 hasn't changed in three years; you could probably find an '08 model for really cheap.


Also, if today I was at the level of "intermediateness" that I was at in 2008, instead of the AC-20 I might get a pre-2010 AC-30 or the Blizzard 7.6.  With either one of those, I might have been able to get an extra season of skiing from them before improving enough so that I wanted to trade up. 

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I have never skied any of those skis so don't really have a valid opinion on the specific models, but I do on the brands.  While I don't currently own any, I've never skied a Rossignol I didn't like.  This starts way back in the straight ski days with the 7SK slalom ski, through the Bandit series, I owned several Pow'Airs when twin tips first came out, and the last one I think I skied was a Scratch FS.  I liked them all.  I may have skied the B3 in Whistler like 10 years ago when I rented them for a day of Heli skiing. 


On the other side of the coin, I've never skied a Salomon that I liked.  My first pair was Force 9 mogul skis back in the 90's, later skied my Dads XScreams, and more recently, I've tried an assortment of TenEighty's up through the SpaceFrame models maybe 5 years ago, and the Crossmax series.  I just don't like Salomons.  However, in recent times they are making wood core, sandwich skis that actually look like they might be good.  The Shogun looks like something I would like to try too.


I demoed a number of Volkls this year, Kuro, Gotama, and Bridge.  I liked the Bridge, the other 2 didn't do anything for me.  Not that they were bad, just not great.  It was only about 4" of snow that day though.


K2 I like but I dont know anything about the Raider.  I've been skiing Public Enemies and Fujatives since 2003.  I can say they are durable, but I dont think those models are built like the Apache.  The Fujative might be, but not the PE.


So ultimately, I just answered this for my own amusement, so it really shouldn't hold too much weight in the  discussion, but of the bunch, I'd say Rossignol is the safest bet.

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Volkls might be a great intermediate ski, but are too expensive at that price.  Also, if you're a keen skier you'll want to buy a ski that you can grow into, and which will then grow with you as you improve your technique.  I don't believe the AC20 is that ski.


If I were you I would look for a relatively forgiving all mountain type of ski that would suit an advanced intermediate; and here I'm thinking Volkl AC30, Elan Magfire 10, Salomon X-Wing 10, the Blizzard 7.6 suggested above is supposedly a terrific ski, something in the Rossignol Zenith series, K2 Apache Crossfire or Recon, or something in the Head Monster series.  As you would expect, they all have different characteristics and feels, some of which will suit you and some of which won't.  As ever, spending the time to demo some of the above will be time and money well spent.  Most shops will credit the price of a certain number of demos against your ultimate purchase.  Talk with the staff at the demo store and mention you're after something along the lines of the above.  They're there to help.


Lastly, once you buy some skis have someone give them a good hot wax and check the edge tune.


Good luck.

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Thanks all for your comments, well definitely take them on board and have another think about it. I was pretty set on getting the K2 Apaches or the Salomon X-Wing 8s but will give it a rethink and talk to some other shops. cheers

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As already mentioned, don't sell yourself short on ability by getting an intermediate ski, instead try to demo more performance oriented skis.

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