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Lifter Plates on Race Skis

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Hey everyone I'm new here at EpicSki and looking for advice on race ski setups.  I am by no means a racer, but due in part to my company (an airline)  participating in a 4 event race series against all of it's competition (other airlines), I plan to partake in some Giant Slalom next year.  I'm typically a park rat.  I've been riding K2's various freeride skis since 2003.  Last year, I purchased the Hart BarHopper, and have decided to go with the Hart Javelin GS as my weapon of choice for next year. (already bought it and it looks amazing).


The Javelin GS comes as a flat ski with no lifter.  I purchased a Tyrolia/Head FreeFlex 17 Binding to go with it.  This binding has 2 available lifters, a 9mm and a 13mm.  I understand the FIS rules (not that I'm obligated to pay any attention to them) limit race skis to 50mm stand height.  I believe both plates will keep me under this limitation, but do any of you have any thoughts on which one I should use?  I purchased both just in case they sold out everywhere.


Like I said I do intend to race with them, but I am not a racer.  I am a strong skier everywhere else.  Did moguls from 98-00, and park and big mountain ever since.  I'm strong all over the mountain.  6'5" 195 lbs.  I'll probably use these skis for ripping around on hard pack icy days as well as when the park sucks. (as it often does at my temporary home mountain in California).


Cliff Notes:


Hart Javelin GS

Tyrolia Free Flex 17

9mm or 13mm race plate for minor league GS racing?




Also.  Anybody know if Hart resolved the mounting point dilemmas they were having...with the mounting point being too far back?  The Hart mounting spec sheet now lists the Phoenix, Pulse, and Cheetah as they should be mounted +2 or +3 cm forward from mark.  It still lists the Race skis to be mounted at the factory mark.  Can anybody verify this?

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I've used both. Neither are true racing plates, as in Vist or that genre. They are carving plates. Meaning that they make it easier to tip the ski over, get a better angle. But they do not stiffen the mid-ski significantly like a true racing plate. Both are in two sections, rear moves as the ski flexes. The 13 is moderately heavy, has some metal and some rubber bits on the bottom for a touch more damping; the 9 is light, all plastic, no rubber. Both work well. I'd use the 13 for a club/beer racing gig, the 9 for a bit more lift in everyday skiing. 

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I saw your pics over on Facebook and you are nailing down those park tricks for sure. There were some questions with the mount points of the harts (US, not Japana or Europe) models in the regular line, The race skis were correct if I recall. Being 6'5", I think a forward mount point will not work in your favor either way. When I was playing with their SL and GS skis, I was running Vist Speedlock Race plates on them and was very happy with the setup, but I am also no die in the wool racer either. People were playing with fore and aft on the SL but not so much on the GS. If you decide to abandon the race thoughts, the GS ski is also the same ski the F17 classic so you can ge back to skiing bumps. I do know if you do set it up as a bump ski, it will want a 3-4cm forward mount. 

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I considered the Vist binding (via Kneissl).  It came down to cost.  I found the Free Flex for $150 at Ski Depot and the plates were $28 or $36 on ebay from Denver Wholesale.  Saved quite a bit over the Vist.  From what I understand, the warranty is only valid on those if mounted by a qualified Vist technician.  We only have one ski shop here in Fresno, and though they said they would have installed it, I didn't want to have to try and deal with a warranty issue with such a small company.  (Kneissl I guess I'm not sure if I asked about the warranty.  But they still cost more).


I have no desire to go back to Moguls.  The only reason I did it in the first place was because of Moseley's Mute Grab.  Terrain Park Skiing blew up right after words and I never looked back.  I did learn last year however, that if you ride a mountain with a crappy park, and no powder, then all there is left to do that is fun, is go fast.  So owning a racing ski for both the inter-airline racing series and ripping around the local hill on those days, makes sense.


Thanks for the tips on the mounting points though, I'll mount them as marked.

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What airline do you work for? I know a few racers from Frontier and elsewhere.

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Originally Posted by MastersRacer View Post

What airline do you work for? I know a few racers from Frontier and elsewhere.

That's super top secret.  Not because I want it to be, but because they are starting to track everyones online activity (thanks Facebook!), and just looking for reasons to can them.  So on here, I'd just rather not be associated with them.

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