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Mt Baldy, 6/5/10

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Marty, Sherman and I went for a 4x4, hike and ski yesterday on Mt. Baldy, near Breckenridge. Marty and I drove up Boreas Pass until we reached a dirt road to the left. Up and to the left is a run Marty knows as Orion. We drove up about 400 vertical feet until we reached snow in the road. Sherman was on a later schedule so we did a little walking about. There is an old miner's cabin next to a tarn up the road. We walked there and enjoyed the view. The wind was considerable and the temps were in the 50s; partly cloudy and mostly cloudy as the day progressed.


We figured Orion was going to be highly exposed to the wind and looked elsewhere. Up hill and to the right of where we parked was a snowfield that was mostly intact. We let Sherman know of the change of plan and started hiking. 700 vertical later we were at the top of the snowfield. An arm of snow dropped towards the truck and ended not far away along a contour.


100605 - skiing baldy 10.jpg

Looking down from the top of the snowfield.


Conditions were nice. The snow was soft on top, sometimes break through underneath and dirty from the dust storms and pine needles blowing on to it.


100605 - skiing baldy 20.jpg

Sherman's dog, Mick Sick (phonetic spelling).


100605 - skiing baldy 40.jpg

Mick Sick and Marty with the snowfield in the background.


A fun time was had by all as there was snow to keep the Guiness cold and enough food to feed the lot for apres.






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That looks like a lot of work for a few turns but it looks like you had some fun!


Is it summer yet?

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Remarkably it is 80 degrees in Breck; that's pretty warm for Summit County even in the dead of summer. The wind is blowing like crazy and the snow is going fast.


The work isn't so hard and there were probably 75 turns each run. A nice outing. We skied as far as we hiked so it beats a tour with long walk in and out.

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