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Fun Instructional Book?

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I'd like to buy an instructional book on modern expert skiing. I don't want it for learning as much as for entertainment, and as a catalyst to get me thinking. I'm looking for something fairly technical and theoretical. I mean I want to be able to read through it numerous times and have it really make me think each time. You know what I mean? Any suggestions? Another fun topic might be a history of skiing technique. If there isn't one like that, maybe someone here (Ott?) might want to consider the project! Thanks.
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A couple that I have gotten something out of:

"Breakthrough on Skis" by Lito Tejada-Flores.
He focuses on a few, basic principles and illustrates them well. It's an easy-to-read and thought-provoking book, even though skiing has progressed a little since it was written (1986). I found his video series based on the book to be even more enlightening, mainly for the visual model to prove each point.

"Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier" by Harald Harb
A more complete "system" than Lito's, starting from day-one and progressing up to expert skiing. I found it to be a little rigid, since without a properly trained instructor to tailor the program to your needs it can be a little demanding to jump in at the middle. Still, the photos are extremely well done and the system may be what you're looking for.

A word of caution, however: Don't make the same mistake I did and rely on these two books as the exclusive "right way" to ski. They work more for some people than they do for others.

Although I don't have one yet, Bob Barnes book is supposed to be an excellent reference. Bob- how would someone go about aquiring one?

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What about, "The Athletic Skier," by Warren Witherell - how's that one? Thanks.
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AK Mike -- you can order Bob Barnes' book through this link:

The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing (by Bob Barnes)

Gravity -- let me know (e-mail: info@epicski.com) when it is out, I'll put it in the EpicSki book store and promote it on the site.

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Tominator; Definitely check out the Athletic Skier!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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"The All Mountain Skier" by Mark Elling. EpicSki has it in their Ski Shop, see link above.
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Thanks everyone. I think I'll get Bob's book AND The Athletic Skier AND The All-Mountain Skier!
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Thanks AC-
My copy of Bob's book is on the way.
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Thanks, Bob, but I already ordered all three!
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Tell me when the book is published, and reserve me a copy. That sounds like a fantastic idea.Better yet, make it two- one for my parka and one for home.
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