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This could be the coolest & most innovative ski for 10/11...

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If you've been following Praxis skis closely, you may have known about this design Keith has been evolving. Definitely out of the box. Strikes me that it could be a super effective all-conditions ski. I seriously can't wait to get my feet on these!




I give the graphics a big thumbs up too - especially in light of the design!

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Yeah, I noticed that ski, spent a while trying to decipher the description, get that it's an inverted Protest, don't get why reverse underfoot won't lead to what it usually does...

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After reading the description and looking at the pics of the ski, I still don't really get it. Description says reverse sidecut underfoot, but pic doesn't look that way to me. What am I missing?

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It is a killer concept. Before, no one in their right mind pretended a ski with reverse sidecut (surfing) designed for pow could make it comfortably down the frontside. But he claims it can "carve" on just 3 points that touch the snow. Obviously it can't carve like a normal ski can, but the ski might actually carve or rail (Can you "rail" on 3 points?) OK on the way back to the parking lot. I'd love to try the ski.
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I think (but am not positive) that there are two sets of sidecuts. The overall mid-section of the ski has a reverse sidecut, but it flares out (for lack of a better description) like a normal ski part way down the tip and tail wider than the waist, giving it two point plus the waist to contact the snow when "carving."

From the Praxis website: "OK. To the point. The Ski. The basics; it has tip and tail taper. It has reverse sidecut underfoot! This transfers to a very complex design."
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I keep seeing, in my mind, a Fischer ski from the early 80's that had a 'bulge' underfoot for performance on ice. This sounds like a modern take on that concept.

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

I keep seeing, in my mind, a Fischer ski from the early 80's that had a 'bulge' underfoot for performance on ice. This sounds like a modern take on that concept.

That is the first thing I thought of too. Also aren't Libtech Snowboards doing something like this too. 

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Its basically extended magna traction. 

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OK, I get it now. The underfoot bulge must be pretty subtle...didn't really pop out at me looking at the pictures of the skis.


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We had that pair in our shop for a day or so while we did the finish work on it. All the shaping is very subtle. You can see it but it is not really obvious. You sorta have to sight down the side of the ski to figure out what the shape is. Actually, a veeeerrrry long stretched out magna-traction is a pretty fair analogy.


The one that we worked on didn't have a graphic so it's possible that the pic on the site is just a drawing or CG image rather than a pic of an actual ski. From some of my conversations with Keith, he seems to be of the impression that some ski designs have gone too far in the rocker/reverse trend. This is one way for him to tone it down some while maintaining an original approach. Heck...he even built a directional, fairly conventional ski for a BM competitor in Co. this year. (that ski went over very well too from what I heard)



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Here's a x-post of a review I put up on TGR....


Context: Me = 6'1" & 210 pounds. Mid fifties. Middle of the road skier. Get in +/- 75 days a year. Not "aggressive". Don't huck, etc. Am a rocker fan. 

Note that I come to the party with a definite Praxis predisposition - so while I'm calling it like I see it, feel free to factor that in.

Concept review - the icon version

The longer version: The Concept works. Strangely (or not), it combines the handling of a reverse sidecut ski with the handling of a conventional sidecut ski. Easy to say. More interesting to ski. It skis a surprising range of conditions with "confidence". And with a bigger bag of tricks than I expected. That tiny bulge has a bigger impact than I'd have imagined just looking at the ski. Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination…

It is a big winner in terms of what I was looking for. My new every day "go to" ski. It is incredibly sure footed & predictable. Not hooky. It does both drifted and carved turns on firmer snow - depending on how you enter and manage the turn. The drifted turns are not the same as skidding a more normal ski -- more of a stable reverse ski type thing minus the splits. Nimble ride in deep soft snow. Mounted on the line, there was no tip dive at all in conditions where I saw lots of that stuff going on. A bit less surfy/slarvy in deeper snow than I'd prefer - using skis like Praxis Powder Boards & Pontoons as a reference point. I have not had them out in windbuff - where IMO reverse skis shine. But I am guessing they will do super nicely. I have not had the Concepts out in heinous conditions either...

It is the ski I'll pack this year if limited to one pair for a couple week trip to wherever. IMO it easily qualifies as a modern "one ski quiver". Fine fun for a groomer day. No sadness if it is what is on hand on a big day. It is not as slarvy as a full on powder ski. It is not as carvy as a conventional carving ski. But it is way more than a mere compromise between the two. It covers a huge range of conditions with confidence in a way I like. 

I think Keith designed a serious winner

Thumbs up!

I'm super curious about what kind of experience/reactions other folks are having. Post 'em up...



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I'm too lazy to use the local image posting stuff to put up the same pics I did at TGR - but if you are interested in pics, you can find some in my posts here and here.


If you look at the pics, they will confirm that SJ was spot on when he said the shaping is very subtle. The impact is less subtle. 

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I got the chance to try spindrift's Concepts up at Stevens Pass yesterday, only took them for a quick test drive.  I haven't had a lot of chance to ski a lot of skis like this, skis that are experimenting with different sidecut and camber profiles.  My current fat skis (which I was on that day so I could compare them back to back) are Dynastar Huge Troubles, a fairly conventional flat camber fat ski.


My first half of a run on them was mostly soft groomers with a little soft snow in between trails, it was basically just a run back to the lift.  My initial impression is that they were very loose feeling compared to my HT's, just a totally different feel on my feet.  Not necessarily bad, but something I'd need to get used to a little.  The next run I took them into a mix of soft, cut-up, partially tracked out, boot deep snow.  It wasn't pristine untouched by any means, but still soft and forgiving, the same snow I'd been enjoying so far on my HT's.  After the first couple of turns, I was pretty blown away.  These things are crazy nimble, at least compared to my HT's.  They'd just come right around with very little input, super easy to ski in the 3D snow.  I also had them in some very, very small, just starting to form, soft bumps where it had been skied out a little more.  There, they felt just as nimble and easy to ski.  Back on the groomer, I started to get a better feel for how they do on firmer snow.  I didn't push them hard at all, I'm not all that demanding of my skis on groomers, but they held an edge very nicely on the soft groomers and definitely had a smaller effective turn radius than my HT's, so they felt a little more lively.


They didn't seem to punch through the chop quite as well as my HT's do, but that's one thing those skis do so well so that was kinda to be expected.


All in all, a very fun ski.  I enjoyed them much more than I anticipated.  I'd be interested in trying some more skis in this genre to compare, but I think when I go to replace my HT's I'm going to go for something along the lines of these.  They were just so easy to ski, and fun.

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