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Getting New Boots - Expert Boots??

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I've skied five days so far and am heading to Colorado for school this coming August. So, I plan to do a lot of skiing. Hence, I need a good boot. I've been researching boots before I actually go to the local ski shop just to get acquainted with the terms and different types of boots. But, one thing that has me perplexed is when a website says a boot is for Experts. I understand that higher levels of flex are something expert skiers look for, but I am unsure of the physics of a tougher flex boot and why a high flex is actually better for advanced skiers. I am also unsure if an expert boot will have many more differences, excluding flex, from an intermediate boot.


More than anything, can someone like me, a new intermediate, ski an expert or close to expert level boot? I would hate to buy boots that I outgrow skill-wise in one season. That would get pretty costly.


Any help is much appreciated.


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Huckle, I like the way you are thinking!


If you know you love skiing and plan to take it up more seriously, I would suggest bypassing the "sport" level boots and go directly to higher performance boots.  You will get more aggressive angles, firmer fit, better energy transmission.


In general a lower level boot meets the needs of a beginner who is looking for ease of entry, cushy comfort, and a softer flex.  The softer flex coincides with the rather inaccurate gross balancing movements made by a novice skier.  A stiffer boot would punish these inaccuracies.  Conversely, a stiffer flexing boot will reward accurate movements made by more advanced skiers.  As we progress as skiers our balancing responses improve and we detect and correct for imbalances sooner.  Rather than making gross movements with our hips to balance we learn to more quickly adjust with our knees, then as we progress farther, our ankles.  A softer boot would not relay these more refined adjustments quickly enough to the skis whereas a stiffer boot will.


You will find higher performance boots fit closer to the foot. In other words the liners are thinner and firmer and the shells lower volume to contour the foot and leg better for improved feel and response.


Find yourself a good boot specialty shop and a reputable fitter to begin your search and make sure you get sized correctly.  There are Wikis here on Epicski you can search to explain this in more detail!  Get your alignment assessed and adjusted as well to optimize your balance and skill development!


Good luck and have fun skiing!

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Wow, thanks for the awesome post, Bud


It seems like going the high performance path is right for me. There is a ski shop here in Kansas called Sitzmark Sports that offers custom boot fitting - everything from custom footbeds to actual alteration of the shell of the boot itself. I'll give it a shot and see how it all plays out.


Again, thanks for a really helpful post.

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