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Dawgcatching is famous!

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Front page of Cyclingnews, baby!  (at least it was on Wednesday).  Can you say pain cave?  I am not important enough to mention by name yet, though. 



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Cool ! 

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Wow, looking good.  You are mentioned by name and sponsor in the results.



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Get after it!  Were you in a velodrome or out on the road?

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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

Get after it!  Were you in a velodrome or out on the road?

This was on the road-Mt. Hood Cycling Classic. The Prologue was at the Portland International Raceway.  Hardest stage was yesterday: I got 27th on the "queen stage".  We started and ended up at Mt. Hood Meadows.  The peloton rolled out with 130 Pro/1's and by the time we hit the final climb back up to Mt. Hood Meadows (which is freakin' steep, average of 9%), it had been reduced to fewer than 50 riders.  I had to let the leaders go with 4k left, as I just didn't have my normal power on the final climb (was shooting for a top 20 or even 15 if I rode out of my skin).  The top guys are so strong though; you can see how much more power the pros that race their bike for a living have in the tank at the end of 5 days of hard racing over guys like me, who have a job and limited training/racing time.  Most of the field started racing back in March, which was about the same time I got on my bike this year for the first time....

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