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Thank You, Junior

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Thank you. You and your father gave me close to 40 years of baseball enjoyment. See you in Cooperstown.

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I was driving down Rainier Avenue in Seattle listening to the Mariners on the radio on the evening Jr. and his dad hit back to back home runs, don't remember the year.  That was one great moment.


He personally saved the Mariners from the fate of the Sonics and the Pilots.  Nobody around here will forget him.


By the way, he began his pro career here in little old Bellingham, WA playing for the Mariners' A league team, the Bellingham Mariners, which later moved to Everett and are now the Aquasox.  We called them the "Baby Ms".


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It was a bitter sweet night in baseball last night...

Sweet memories of Jr and Dad, sad to see the retirement, but feeling good about the amazing contribution to baseball.



(I won't talk about the bitter sweet Tiger time last night )

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I hate to say it, but I am one of the many boomers who followed MLB very closely as a youth, then faded as a fan in adulthood.  I have an old baseball card of Sr, but not one of Jr.  He came along after I quit. The fact that DC lost their team for so long didn't help.  Neither did the loss of credibility from the steroids scandals. Maybe Stephen Strasburg will re-engage me?  My office is moving and next season I'll be a few blocks from the Nationals stadium.  Jr always seemed like he had a deep love of the game, sad he got eclisped by the "Roiders".  Jim Thome keeps climbing the all-time homer list - 569, unbelievable.  Is he done yet?

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