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Skiing Jackson Hole - Memorial Day 2010

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Jackson Hole seems to be stuck in a gray-skies weather pattern right now.  It's been moderately cool with rain in the valley and a little bit of snow in the mountains.


The big news is that these cool temps and cloudy skies have meant very little melting on the higher peaks.  That means there is more snow up high than I can remember in a lot of years.  And THAT, of course, translates into skiing opportunities.


The aerial tram opened for the summer this past Saturday.  I didn't go skiing that day because it was actually raining/snowing at 10,000 feet.  We did go on Sunday and Monday and had a great time. 


Sunday was actually a little bit of powder - maybe three inches of new snow on a pretty smooth and pretty supportable base - excellent skiing.  We had Cardiac Bowl all to ourselves.  Here's what it looked like:




And a bit further down:




Karen enjoying the day:




And Ruthie and Karen tracking up the bowl:




And skinning back up for another lap:




Dave calling a friend back East to gloat about his day.  Check out the cornice behind his ski tips:




Sunday was so much fun we headed up again on Monday.  I wanted to ski the shoulder of Cardiac that flanks the cliff band in the photo above, so some of us hiked up and over that little peak and ended up here:




That led to some REALLY sweet skiing on cream cheese back to the bottom of Cardiac Bowl:


Karen looking smooth as always:




Dave again:




Jim slicing butter:




And a weirded-out-contrast shot from across the bowl that shows our tracks:




And today I found a sackful of morel mushrooms along the Snake River and I'm on my way home to eat grilled steaks and asparagus with sauteed morels and a nice red meritage.   Mmmmm.

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Very pretty!

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That looks deliciously winterlike!

So do you take the Tram back down  when you are done, or do you ski lower & then hike out?


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Welcome back.

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Great Pics!  I think some those are referred as "money shots"!




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You sure this wasn't MARCH and not MAY?  nice! 

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Okay Bob, the skiing report is, as always, spectacularly grand, but adding the sauteed morels makes it almost unbearable.  Now, if you tell me that you found the asparagus growing wild alongside the morels, I'll really be depressed.  Great shots!

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If the meritage was as relatively good as the skiing looks then I think you term the weekend epic!

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As always, great TR. Life in Jackson Hole looks pretty grand.

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