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Loveland: The Novel

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While moving to Summit County resulted in various health and financial issues, working as a guide for the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance gave me a real appreciation for Colorado history, especially anything pertaining to to the 10th Mountain Division. I've been working on this novel for a few years, and it was finally published on June 1st. It will be on the publisher's website for a few months, and then it will be available in print and in paperback. Here is a synopsis:


When Mariel, a New York physical therapist loses her father, a former 10th Mountain Division member, to the 9/11 attacks, she discovers that he has left her his stockholder shares to the Loveland Ski Area. Mariel and her husband Jonathan purchase a Colorado physical therapy clinic, with the understanding that Jonathan will keep his New York job until they are certain of the clinic's success. Jonathan plans to visit every month, but when he discovers that Vicki, his former lover is involved with the Committee to Rebuild the World Trade Center, he joins the cause, and his Colorado visits become less frequent. Meanwhile, in Colorado, documentary filmmaker and Loveland ski instructor David La Vecchia wants Mariel to help him make a film about her father's life. Then, Mariel's brother sends her a packet of letters sent to their father by Kate, a former Women's Army Corps member who trained with their father at Camp Hale, and is currently working at Loveland. Kate and Mariel meet, and Mariel slowly learns the secrets of her father's past.





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Yea!  Well done!!

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Now on Kindle


Not sure what happened to the text on the description. Must contact Amazon!


Mike, thanks! BTW, I saw the Zermatt photos on Hiromi's Facebook page. Looks awesome, and her form is amazing!

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Congratulations on Loveland, Lisamarie!


Is this a roman a clef?

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Another book published!   WHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!   What's next? 

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Uh, finding a place where I can breathe? ;)


Thanks ladies!

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I wish it were here!

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Maybe. Or perhaps Oregon.

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Congrats, Lisamarie, and much success.

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Thanks Joan and Ski Diva. Got my first review today on Amazon:






"Readers who want to escape to the magic spell of Colorado's ski country will not be disappointed by local writer Lisa Marie Mercer's debut novel, Loveland. Indeed, Mercer portrays this particular ski resort as a land of love, where the romantic entanglements weave around the main character Mariel's complicated history of her parents and their love affairs during World War II and beyond to a reunion in 1957. Eventually, Mariel and her husband Jonothan find themselves drawn into relationships that strain their own marriage. These 40 something or younger characters all move in today's world of constant technological chatter of cell phones and emails, making their connections to one another at times somewhat "disconnected" or almost impersonal.
Mercer's superb plot begins with the horror of 9/11 as seen first-hand through Mariel's eyes. She learns that her father lost his life in one of the towers on that fateful day he was to meet her for lunch. Thus, this attractive, liberated, quick-witted New Yorker begins her journey of self discovery when she falls in love with her inherited share of Loveland Ski Resort. As the story unfolds, Mariel learns the secrets of her father's past and gains a new appreciation for his dedicated work wih the 10th Mountain Division.
The author has obviously done her research on this unique group of skiing soldiers and even provides an opportunity for Mariel to retrace his steps in the challenging backcountry hut to hut three day training trip from Leadville to Aspen. Although she has a skilled guide for this adventure, the trip is her first backcountry experience and would be daunting even for an expert skier such as Mariel, who tackles double black runs. I would have enjoyed reading a little more detailed, descriptive narrative of this episode, especially with respect to avalanche precautions.
An accomplished skier and ski/fitness expert, Mercer is always "in control" of blending ski terminology with the characters' use of terms, such as double fall line or strategic mogul skiing. Mariel's father's past lover, Kate,reminds her to complete her ski turns and make a full circle, stating, "It's like anything else in life. Things need to come full circle; otherwise you feel incomplete." By the end of the novel, Mercer does just that with a beautiful image which honors the memory of Mariel's father. Here, in the tranquil setting of these majestic Rockies, Mariel finds her strength and closure to the nightmare of that fateful September day in New York City."



Almost makes up for the oxygen tank currently up my nose!

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Very nice review! 

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