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Courmayeur, IT, February, 1998

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The contest for the JHAF disk got me looking at my photo albums from the days before I went digital. Here are some photos that I recently scanned of a trip to Courmayeur and La Grave with a little Chamonix thrown in to the mix.


After a day or two of skiing the resort, the group I traveled with hired a guide to take us up to Punta Helbronner for a tour back down to Courmayeur.


0010 talking to the guide.jpg


Gary (l) talking to our guide (r)


0030 courmayeur from the top tram.jpg


Looking back down towards Courmayeur from the top lift.


0040 hellbronner and mont blanc.jpg

Tourists on the platform with Mont Blanc for a backdrop.


0070 courmayeur.jpg


Looking down to Courmayeur during the tour.


0080 mer de glace to chamonix.jpg


We were to return to Punta Helbronner for a guided trip down the French side into Chamonix via la mer de glace. Looking down the glacier.


0090 mer.jpg


In the thick of things going down to Cham on the glacier.


0100 looking towards la thuile.jpg


We hired guides yet again and went off the top of the ski area. This view is looking towards La Thuile


0130 tracks back to town.jpg


The skiing didn't suck.


0140 the bus back to the lift.jpg


The bus back to the lifts.


0120 lunch.jpg


On slope dining, Italian style.


0170 le grand dru, aiguille du midi and mont blanc.jpg


Another day we were bussed to Chamonix with a guide to ski the pas de chevre. This is from the top of the tram of the Grand Montet. La Grand Dru, the Aiguille du Midi and Mont Blanc. The pas de chevre descends from this general direction.


0190 le pas de chevre.jpg


On the way down pas de chevre.


0210 electric train.jpg


An electric train in Chamonix.


0220 touring.jpg


We took yet another tour (where did I get all that $ ?) on our last day. We were towed by snowmobile for a few miles then started touring.


0230 the briggs brothers.jpg


The brothers Briggs, Doug (l) and Steven (r). The big mountain in the back is Mont Blanc.


0240 where they skied.jpg


What we skied. It was spring like conditions with places of crust and mostly heavy wet pow.


0250 lift.jpg


We took a few trains and a bus to get to La Grave. This lift has many pods of gondolas that stop periodically to load and unload. One of the loading platforms was a steel arrangement with about 50 - 60 steps up to load. Kind of spooky.


0290 from the top of la grave.jpg


We hooked up a few other skiers to take a guided tour from La Grave. Go figure.


0300 on tour in la grave.jpg


On the tour.


0310 lunch stop on tour.jpg


We skied into this town for lunch, then taxied off to another ski area to continue the tour.


0330 serre chevalier.jpg


We travelled west for a day to Serre Chevalier with a bunch of skiers we met in La Grave.


0350 heading home.jpg


On the way to Turin to fly out. Steven went home after these two weeks of great skiing. I flew to Madrid to meet a friend. We took an overnight train to Gibraltar, a ferry to Tangier and another overnight train to Marrakech. A few days of tours around the area included a walking tour through the foothills of the Atlas mountains.

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Very nice!  Thanks for scanning and posting. Takes me back to the couple of days I spent in Courmayeur.  I'm sure I had a camera with me.....

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