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2010-2011 165cm Nordica SL's

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Not sure who's reading the gear FS forum at this time of year.


Just posted a pair of  brand new, in the shrink wrap, next year's Nordica SL's, with new graphics for sale on the gear forum. Fresh from Nordica race.




Moderators, if this isn't appropriate to cross-post, please delete this one. Thanks.

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Besides changing graphics from badass to gay, what is different from 09-10?

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Not identical, but very, very close. Flex pattern is supposed to be a bit more even, and the general feedback so far is that it's faster for most skiers. The SL is a very good ski. More fans than the Nordica GS. Kind of surprised at the graphics, though the ski looks better in person. Thought last year's graphics were great.  

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mounting position of the 2010-2011 is 2 cm forward of the older models.



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Here is your chance to talk to the Nordica guys about this... Nordica Teleconference on Friday 1:00 EST

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