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New Member from NZ

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Hey all,


Just wanted to say what up - Not sure how many peeps from New Zealand are on here but stumbled across this site when I was doing a bit of readin up on some skis.


About me:


Name - Nick

Age - 21

Height - 182cm (6")

Weight - 84kg (185lbs)


I've skiied for about 16 years, never had the opportunity to ski overseas but heading to BC/Alberts/Colorado/Cali/Seattle on a whirlwind ski tour for the 2012/2013 season, once I've finished up at university.


I have a couple pairs of skis, an old shitter pair of B2 Bandits (completely raped, only good for messing around in now). My jibbers are a pair of buttery buttery libtec NAS 168s, and just bought a pair of Nordica Hot Rod Hellcat 170s. Currently skiing in a set of Salomon boots (not sure what model), but upgrading before the season starts in a few weeks (I'm southern hemisphere remember). Looking at a set of Nordica hotrods or some Atomic B90s (or B120s, still deciding).


Umm what else ... I'd say I'm a very aggresive skiier, spend most of my time off-piste looking for big drops and steep and deep runs, tend to stay away from the park but like to throw down every once in a while.


That's me I guess, cheers all and I'll be coming back here to check out what you have to say often



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Hi, Nick! 


Welcome to the site.  There are quite a few of us that have spent time in NZ.  I was in Wanaka  to train at Treble Cone a couple of years ago and loved it.  Let us know when you get to the States and we'll show you around our ski areas!




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Welcome  aboard and CHEERS, mate...

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A bit late for an ANZAC commeration .... but have a beer anyway. 


Actually   this means a whole different thing in OZ & NZ doesn't it ?????


Got me in a pack of trouble in Townsville. 

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what means a different thing sorry? a thumbs up?

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When I was stationed at the RAAF base in Townsville, a hearty thumbs up, meant ... stick it up your azz mate ... 


So, Yuki goes into a local cheese shop with a more seasoned troop .. I taste a bit of the offered cheese, and the clerk was this sweet little old granny of a gal.  She almost had a cow when she asked how it was and I did the thumbs.


Seasoned friend .... pushes my arm down and starts making apologies for me ... dum American and all. 


It also took me about three days to get used to you guys and there were a lot of screeching brakes.  Did you know you drive on the wrong side?


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Haha none of the kiwis I know take a thumbs up as stick it up your ass, there's another sign for that ...


And yeah I know we drive on the wrong side of the road, but do YOU know that you have an accent?

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