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How would you describe good skiing?

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"In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away..." --Antoine de St.-Exupéry

I've never heard a better expression for good skiing.

Does anyone have anything to add?
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I would describe GOOD skiing as;
Going where you want to go, skiing what you want to ski, bright sun, light snow, good friends, and getting to the bottom after a long day with a SMILE on my face!

Oh, did I mention the tan line around my Revo's?
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I guess I should have said, "How do you describe PROFICIENT skiing?" Hehe.
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My friend turned to me once describing anothers style:
"he skis like water running downhill"

best description I have ever heard.
fluid, effortless, with the slope not against it.
I strive for it where I can.
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Over the years of skiing I have been told by friends and a few strangers. Very Graceful,One of the smoothest on the hill,Fredestair on skis,and very centered. All I know is it makes me smile,even when I fall. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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For about 8 years I drove a 1968 rear wheel drive sedan up and down the single lane haul road to a small Oz resort called Guthega. I carried 5 instructors up and back, mostly the “import” crew and the friendliest female rookies. The car had a potato sack of sand in the boot (trunk) and $40 “farmers trailer” winter treads on the rear wheels (no studs). The road was always plowed last so at 7:00am it was mostly packed snow with a few inches of new stuff on the top and no downhill traffic. Now this drive was all gear changes and momentum to keep the flow going and avoid the perils of defensive braking. Anyway one day after negotiating the high speed straight by the old Snowy Mountains airstrip leading into the downhill switchback, across the single lane bridge and up around the 45 degree left hand bend where one had to carry all the momentum they could or it was stop for snow chains time (and we never did), a very small voice from the backseat was heard to break the silence between Talking Heads tracks. The voice said.

“you drive like you ski”

Nicest thing anyone ever said to me.

Oz :
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something in between good sex and skydiving.
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Proficient skiing: where one skis all terrain effortlessly, using techniques that are appropriate to the terrain and snow conditions.
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Like a mosquito on a pond.
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When my 2 year old daughter makes perfect turns down the back of the bathtub with her rubber duck while making the sounds "shhh,shhh,shhh,shhh!"

I say "good skiing!!"
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Smoooooth, like a good beer
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I think that good skiing can be discribed as standing in the centre of the ski and balancing over the out side through the whole turn. if you can do that your a good skier. The problem with most skiers is they don't stand in the middle of their ski and therefore are out of balance and can't work the ski. Sure its not as simple as that to teach, but thats the basics and what works.
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skis&snow, just who is Michelle? She invented the shaped skis? Tell us more since her web site doesn't.

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proficient sking....... Working with Mother Nature to run down the hill on skiis
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Ott Gangl
i found that website before and was baffled the shape ski as near as I can tell had a number of "births" .

Ski companies felt the downhill at 92 olympics to be too turny for current DH skis of that era. So they borrowed from technology from experimental beginer skis. They widened the tips and shortened the DH ski.

About the same time Elan and a fellow from Aspen(his name escapes me) were also experimenting with shorter shaped skis for beginner lessons.

Elan really pushed the whole industry in the early-mid 90's with its SCX ski.
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Transcendent beings
splash through the snow
like playful dolphins.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ihavethesecret:
Transcendent beings
splash through the snow
like playful dolphins.

very nice, I love haiku

here's my contribution:

falling from the sky
heaven is fine white powder
care to meet me there?

edits: I kan speel, rilly.

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SLICK- "Like two eels ****ing in a bucket of snot."

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Look what happens when you place your pearls before the swine.......... :
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I feel your PAIN Yuki!
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