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Ski Press World gone?

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Apologies if this has already been reported, but web sources are saying Ski Press World is defunct: http://www.theskichannel.com/news/skinews/20100529/Ski-Press-World-seemingly-bites-the-dust  I can't raise the site, have heard rumors before this, and noticed they never finished their ski reviews this past season, even though the site was active a few days ago. So may be true. Damn, had only reviews other than here and TGR that were worth anything. 

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That's a bummer, but as you noted, there have been rumours dropped here and there.  Sad to see such a great review source go by the wayside


Yet.....all the more reason to make EpicSki reviews all that much better

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It is a shame, they had the best print reviews. 

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Wow - that's a shocker.  Add me to the list of disappointed skiers...

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They didn't do their Whistler reviews this spring. Just Mt St Anne. So not surprising.

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