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I'll be out for two weeks again, will keep you posted.  You'll probably give me shit about the skis I'm on like you did the year I was on the Watea 84's and you said "there's your first problem, your skis are too wide." I just bought 98mm Rossi S3's for the Vail trip and other things.



I look forward to skiing with you again.

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Originally Posted by vail snopro View Post

Quite honestly, I try to have an AH HA moment everyday! Any day that I don't feel something new, do something differently, or discover a new way to achieve a specific result is a disappointment to me. This is not only in my own skiing, but in my teaching as well! Having had access to incredible skiers and mentors throughout most of my career, it's difficult to distill all of the moments which were the most influential in my development. But one in particular stands out.


During the US ALPINE NAT CHAMPS in Squaw Valley, circa 1979/80, I got to ski with Phil and Steve Mahre one day. With the SL coming up, they were focussing on short turns. I'll never forget as I was following Steve down a hogback, I just began imitating how he moved from one turn to the next, leaving the snow between turns, contacting the snow approx at the 1/4 point of the turn, and departing it at approx the 3/4 point. IT HAPPENED! For about 8 consecutive turns, I was doing something completely beyond my understanding. The timing and energy of the turn was unlike anything I had ever experienced! The rush of experiencing that zone was indescribable! It became my drug of choice, and I could not get enough of it.


It took me awhile to understand what had happened, how it had happened, and how to repeat it at will. But in time, with the guidance of a few mentors and alot more experimentation, I came to understand certain aspects of skiing which became the core of my fundamentals. And to this day, when I am out playing and happen to make a few of those turns, that same rush sweeps over me again, as it did that very first time. The excitement and wonder of it still remains.


VSP -- Mr. My Turns Don't Fit On These Trails -- making short turns?  And having fun doing it? 

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I have been skiing for 22 years and this past season was filled with the "Aha" moments.  One in particular involved skiing the Quail Face at Homewood in Tahoe right after a good dump (somewhere around two feet).  Standing at the top of it...I didn't think that I could ski down it....but had a little encouragement and went for it.  At the bottom I looked up and was very proud of myself that I had made it down (and without eating s**t).  Felt right at that moment that I could do "big" things when it came to skiing.  Guess another one of my "aha" moments has to be the new person that I shared my season with....it really is a good thing to ski with someone who shares in the same passion for skiing that I have and that pushes me to step out of my comfort zone! 

Haha.  You skied quail face and had a good dump.  

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