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Is skiing better than sex? - Page 3

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Weel, if some folks can't make Fernie, or the eastern gang gathering... come out to CO in April, mmmmm K!

Late season in CO is amazingly inexpensive.

Harumph, nobody like Boingo, eh?

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I liked the boingo...

deep, man...reallly deep.

got an MP3? send it.
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Get up a tad early for a QUICKIE,rip the pow all day.After the epic day,it's time for wine dinner sex sex thenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Ya sure in my dreams!
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sno -
I don't know how wide open your invite was, but I damn sure wouldn't mind coming out in april (after tax day)

only problem is that I'd have to fly commercial jet.
I don't like to do that.
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Well nakona, maybe you should ride your motorcycle out. Either strap your boards to it, or ship them here. That would be a fun trip, eh? I have ridden (just locally) my bike A-Basin a number of times in the spring. Years ago, I went on a motorcycle/ski adventure, spring backcountry skiing in BC.

And, you can camp here. Lots of folks camp in the Basin parking lot. I dunno what my living situation will be then, I am probably going to move before the season.

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Is just about everyone who posted on this thread "horny" for both ?

Maybe we all can't get enough of both ?

Is it really is all in the mind ?

Both can be very "theraputic" emotional, and sometimes carthetic experiences.

Either or both can give you a tremendous "high" and then "HIGH!"

Best if shared with others.

We often "brag" about our in "accomplishments" in both endeavors.

So is skiing really better than sex or are they just similiar.

Going downhill in "conjuction" and doing it, I think would be a disaster, but going somewhere else near by, well..... Maybe someone would want to elaborate on that one.....Of course inventive foreplay has more possibilities.

However, both could lead to, or be a part of truly a .......

Very Happy Skiing Experience.
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In reply to question "Is there a Harald Harb sex manuel too ?

Not yet, but I would imagine if there ever was, it would have a lot to do with "big" and "little" toe fettishes, while tilting your foot to one side or the other in order to determine "whose turn is it now " initiations ?
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OK, I'll take the plunge. I don't mind being the first to say it out loud. I think skiing is better than sex.

Damn, that just sounds wrong!

Skiing has the one great advantage of duration. In my experience (and I don't for one minute claim to be an authority on this) skiing lasts much longer, often for up to 6, 7, or 8 hours a day. Even in my prime I don't think I managed that kind of period with sex.

That said, it is dragging towards the end of a long summer, so the cold turkey desire for skiing is approaching its zenith. The urge doesn't get much stronger than this, and so I am willing to blame my outrageous comment above on a certain displacement of reason, a total lack of logical thought which has resulted from not having skied in too long.

I hope ...


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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There's something else...

I have yet to have my skis claim to have a headache or otherwise reject me.
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Foreplay is allowing her the honor of giving you a ---- --- before you ----
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I dunno, milesb. If you take care of HER first, then everything afterwards is downhill.

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Wow! All this talk of sex on the slopes and some mentions of the Fernie trip...this could turn into Hot Dog the Movie 2
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Saw this on a bumper sticker eons ago:

Skiers get down faster

no need to elaborate.......
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Of course, whether you're talking about skiing or sex, it's always advisable to check the moisture content before diving in head first.

OK, AC, where are you? I can just see you hovering with that big virtual red pen of yours!....


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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I'm a 42 year male getting divorced from a 17 year marriage. Since I no longer remember how to get females, I'm going to tell myself skiing is better!
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It must be August...
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Of course, as has probably been said above, sex is often better than skiing because of the convenience: The chairlift doesn't appear in bed with you, ready to take you skiing. The same can't be said for skiing unless you have ski in/ski out accommodations... .. Of course, it looks like with the right partner, you can have it all... <FONT size="1">

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I think for maybe great sex is better than bad skiing. And great skiing is better than bad sex.
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