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Is skiing better than sex? - Page 2

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Yeah, it's been a long summer, thanks for setting me straight Dave! Either way, ski half day and then ...half day or reverse. It's all good!

I have been pondering one element of the question...The man of my dreams would want to be out in the freshies too, so would this actually ever be an issue?? I don't think so.

P.S. I've been goofing off outside as much as possible. Been keeping an eye on Epic every so often, but nothing to say (can you imagine that??) This topic caught my eye and so I had to jump in there!

Isn't it ski season yet????
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Not such a tough question...get an afternoon half day ticket!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>On a bluebird clear 2' powder day? The girl of my dreams would be my private heli-ski guide with the special zipper in the powder suit.
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and the wine suggestions thread didn't pique your interest at all?
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VK asked:

"It is early morning on a weekend, you wake up in a slopeside hotel and see cloudless sky, sun is just getting over the mountain that is covered by 2 feet of weightless freshies. At this moment the guy/girl of your dreams walks into the room wearing nothing, saying that he/she is yours for the next 8 hours. What do you do?"

The woman of my dreams is mine (and I am hers) 365 days a year. On the other hand, I have yet to experience waking up slopeside with 2 FEET OF WEIGHTLESS freshies! So the answer is: I'll have the powder.

Perhaps this year, when I go to the Rockies, I can experience true powder (not the pseudo-powder we get in the East).<FONT size="1">

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Dave:I have been reading the wine thread, but you know I am not as eloquent of a writer on the topic as you are Plus, I have been drinking WAY TOO MUCH wine lately. Last weekend in Sonoma was about all I could stand! I think my hangover is finally gone!

My mind is in the gutter right now apparently...skiing and sex, a topic worth contributing to!

Isn't it ski season yet????
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The academic (or is it diplomatic?) answer applies here as well: "it depends."

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Skiing better than sex? Well... I guess it would depend on your level of aptitude for each. I say "not quite", but "sometimes", no... it's not... well yes... on occasion.

OK it's not...

Today. (Then again it's summer time.)

I'm pretty sure that it's most definitely maybe better than sex sometimes... What was the question?

DangerousBrian. INNER SKIING? That's awesome.
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ok, Im trying REEEEAAL hard to stay out of this topic......its things like this that get me in all sorts of trouble!

I dunno. It brings to mind the "backcountry, abandoned patrol hut" fantasy....

*ahem* I think the two sepreate activities presented here, rather than being two seperate entities, actually dovetail together nicely. Individually, each action is quite desirable, yet even more so when combined...
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Gotta keep movin' to stay warm...


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"Girl of my dreams" would (& does) ski first, then even more endorphins later. Ahhhhhh.

I mean that makes sense, doesn't it? DOH!

On the quest / For the holy Grail
Try and live / On razor's edge
Find a mountain / Or cross a valley
Why bother? / It's all for sale
True love was in her eyes
Burning truth was on her face
Even thought it was late at night
Saw her once There's no mistake

Now that we've found this precious place . . . .
How do we keep from going crazy now?
My life was leading to this day
Watching the whole thing slip away
It's just a fool's paradise
It's just a fool's paradise
It's just a fool's paradise anyhow

Dirty stains / On brand new linen
Fresh tracks / On virgin snow
Caught a saint / While he was sinning
People scream / What do they know
Turn it off and find religion
Tune it out and find a cause
Get it up and tell the world
Don't stop, Don't ever pause

Oingo Boingo

(all rights reserved, mmmmm k?

Hows that for on topic?

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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Tog: In answer to your question, I was looking for stuff about skiing. Then, a few days later, I met Paula from Skilovers.

I told her that I would be way to shy to post on EpicSki, because they talk about things such as Sex on the Chairlift.

So its less than one year later, and I am not only Braver in my Body, but also on the Net.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Blimey! I feel like a cigarette after reading all that....and I don't even smoke!

Where can i get one of those powder suits?
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Question for Skiminker: Which half of the day would you buy the lift pass for?
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Well, I'd say FIRST half, then draw a nice long bath...maybe a doze (nap)...(repeat?).

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Ask a starving person: What is better - sex or food...
Ask somebody lost in the middle of a desert: What is better - sex or water...
Ask a Bear in the middle of the summer: What is better - sex or skiing. (Duh!)
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I don't know if skiing is better than sex, but it's for damn sure less hassle when the skiing is over.
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no hassle...I sleep like a rock after either.....
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BG -

No? No What?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>no hassle...I sleep like a rock after either.....<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

<Joey Tribiani Voice>How you doin'?<Joey Tribiani Voice><FONT size="1">

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ok, i may be rreeaaaallyy slow tonight, but now you've both lost me.....

SOMBODY explain to me whats going on!

whos joey, whatever you said???
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Joey Tribiani. From the TV show <u>Friends</u>
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oh. ok, still dont get the tie in with the quote... I dont watch too much tv.

i did see a really bad ski movie today, with robert redford...really corney plot but the skiing shots were kinda cool... forgot what it was called...downhill racer i think
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Uh well, the question was is skiing better than sex and BG said no. Seems pretty clear to me. So far it looks like Vk and Kima are the only real skiers here, because if you get their drift they think skiing is better.
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Skiing is better than sex when you are doing it. Sex is better than skiing when you are doing it. So just do it.

There is the baggage issue to consider. Sex is great as long as the accompanying baggage does not outweigh skis and poles and a daypack.
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You just discovered the punchline to the "cosmic joke"!!!
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LisaMarie: To answer your question...
Assuming that the man of my dreams is also a ski fanatic (which he would have to be to be the man of my dreams), we would both get the morning half day pass, enjoy the freshies, then go back to the room.

Isn't it ski season yet????
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Good answer, chica! Hey, ya' commin to Fernie? Ya better be!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Well I don't really have anything to say, I just thought it would be cool to make post #69 on this topic.
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Gdubs, you never cease to amaze me.

LM, Gonna do my best. Really want to go to Fernie!! I have to see how the job thing works out this fall. Change is in the air...

Isn't it ski season yet????
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