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I'm looking for someone familiar with 2 skis, the Roc and the SFB.
Long story: I rode Rossignol Axiums (Rocs I was told are nearly identical but more well known) for the last 4 years and now they don't do what I want how I want them to basically. They were 60-something underfoot and were mounted at -4 and yes I managed to ski in pow and park with them but they rocked perfect groomed runs. I was told by my instructor/shop friends that they're noodles with bindings on top.. I've heard the similar about the SFB. Not AS noodly as the EP Pro or even Lizzies but they still have a "soft flex". I want to know how they stack up.

Sparknotes: I want to know the difference in flex between the SFB and the Roc. They're both "soft" I guess, which is softER? My Axiums (aka Rocs, I guess) sucked in pow, crud, and park. Carving was their element. Looking for something else.

Insurance: Yes, I know they're both soft, I just want to know which is SOFTER/HARDER. Also I'm not terribly familiar with other skis. Not been out and about that much. Only ski to reference other than the 3 I put up for comparison would be the K2 Extreme. Somewhat familiar with the flex.

Thanks a lot all, looking for detailed/1st hand responses. This is my LAST concern before I order them for next season. Doesn't look like I'll get to demo =/